Monday, August 13, 2007

13 August 2007, Monday

7th month...

Oh...first of all, wana tell my darling, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My darling Erin turned 25 today! Happy birthday to you! May all your wishes come true. And stay pretty!! Haha! Remember we're meeting this Sat for supper to celebrate your belated bday! Missed you so much! =P

And secondly, wana wish my xiao yi, (mom's youngest sis), a happy birthday! Ehh...happy 4X birthday Aunt Cheryl! Kekeke. Who else today birthday? Happy birthday to you too!

Today is 13th August, and is the 1st day of the 7th month. Oh boy...for the next 29 days, I'm going to be a good girl and try to stay home all I can. Anyway, can train on my Maple. LoL. Just leveled up to 59 yesterday! If I level again tonight, I'll be able to wear my hat, shoes and have a new wand! Kekeke! Think me play too much maple these few days. LoL. Today, our company will pray and burn the offerings to "them". "Them" being our "brothers", the ghosts. Gotta pray hard that I won't be able to see so many this year. Last year was the leap year for Chinese calendar, meaning the 7th month occurred twice. Last year I hated going out late. Cause last year really saw more than I ever did within the same month. *Faint*

Sigh. Anyways, today is also the first day Feng start work. Hope he'll get used to working life. He had nua-ed for so long...hmm..good luck to him. *Smiles* Think today I got alot of problems typing this. So many typo errors!! ARGH!!

Ain't this cute? This is the airplane that I'm taking to Singapore map. Fucking ticket cost 20,000 mesos ok!! This is the first night that the map was opened and we were the first 100 to be in that map. Ok...maybe not first 100 but definitely the first few. LoL. There's Esplanade, CK Tang, MRT, Comfort/City cabs and lots more! Nice and cute lor! And this is like the best place to train now. Everyone's hogging the map everyday. It's hard to play the game without getting KS-ed or having people to ask you to CC (change channels). It's like sianz sometimes.

Oh yah, got myself an in-game pet yesterday. Still thinking what name to give. It's a husky. I want something that's man, yet gentle. Give me suggestions! Feng asked if my dog is a dog, or did I accidentally buy the pig which looks like a husky instead. My dog keeps getting hungry. Haha! Poor dog of course hungry lah. I stood on top of a car and started hitting monsters, leaving the poor dog below. And if anybody plays this game, you would know that the pet always follows or tries to be next to the master. (Wished this could be the same for real life dogs too right?) So my poor dog was jumping up and down, left and right, trying to be by my side. LoL. It's quite a scene lah. I bought meso magnet and item bag for him, so he collects whatever things the monster dropped. Sigh. Ok shall stop talking about Maple for awhile.

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