Monday, August 20, 2007

20 August 2007, Monday

Ultra Monday Blues

Damn blue today. Almost wanted to take off again. LoL. It's just a passing phase. Anyway, Happy Birthday to James Sim kor! You are an old monkey le! Hahahaa....time passes very fast hor? Now is 20th August liaoz. So fast. Oh, I went to Indulgz (finally) on Friday! Total bill was about $70+. Feng had an avocado juice, and me my English Earl Tea (which is just LIPTON TEA), and ordered fried mushroom with garlic sauce, double carbonara for him and baked chicken with honey and garlic(I think) for me. If both of us were feeling well that night, we could actually eat more...say the cheese fondue? LoL. *Drool* Anyway after the dinner we shopped for a while at Bugis Junction. Bought a massager for Erin and myself. And we went home. Both of us feeling sick and tired lah. Kekeke.

Sat came and we drove to Vivo City. Idiotic dad took the cashcard away. Heng go in no need cashcard. Went to catch The Simpsons. *Finally...rolls eyes* It was damn damn funny. Saw Zhong Qing (Kym Ng), Junwei (DJ from 100.3), Quan Yi Feng and her family (husband and daughter) and another guy whom I can't seem to remember the name. He long time no act le, but he was the one who liked Operas since young. LoL. Junwei had his autograph session at The One bookstore @ Vivo. Kym Ng was just visiting. Quan Yifeng was out with her daughter and husband, we actually saw them inside Toys'R'us where I was playing with the tikam tikam. Had our dinner at the foodcourt and we left for his house to rest. Decided to catch the fireworks from his window. Will post up pics soon. LoL. Then went out to meet Erin and Jiawei and their respective partners at Mr Bean. Like that...weekend gone. And I'm back at work with no mood at all. LoL. So boring. Think I go research on my things...braces? Or no braces? Slim down? How? LoL.....

Nice Smile Erin!

Erin took off her braces some time this month. Met up with her on Sat with her husband, Jason, and Jiawei and his gf Merry. Of course Feng accompanied me even though he was running a fever. Keke. Anyway I had rejected the idea of tying my teeth by a wire since young, cause it looked ungly. But as I grow older, I seemed to welcome the idea more and more, even though I still do not want to tie my teeth. Only the 2 front top and bottom teeth are crooked. The rest of my teeth, thank God, are rather straight. I had mentioned to my mom way before Erin, Shufen and Shelmi went to get their braces. Mom was the one who wanted me to tie mine since I had my 2 front teeth. But many people told her that I do not need to, since the rest of my teeth are straight and aligned properly. Oh wells...I wasn't really vain then.

Saw Erin after she took off the braces, it was actually so much different! She already looked pretty, but now she looked prettier!! It sparked me to have mine done up too. That'ss what you get. You hang out with pretty people, you'll start getting vain. No. Erin does not like to wear makeup too. LoL. We do not wear makeup if possible, and wear glasses if we're lazy to wear our contacts. Wait...I'm lazy everyday. Haha! Wonder where my contacts went to. Hmm. Anyway..was searching online about the braces thing. I told my mom years before, that they do not only tie the teeth on the outside, but they do the tying on the inside too. And since if I tie inside, nobody will be able to see! Haha! Shiok right? Still can remain pretty while trying to be pretty. I found out the name for the "invisible" braces. It's called Lingual braces.

This is the before picture. This will be how my teeth looked like BEFORE braces. Feng once asked me how is it possible they tie from the back of the teeth? Cause hor, the metal plates are cemented onto the teeth, and then a titanium wire is used to tie these metal plates together.
Quoted from National Dental Centre website:"
Fixed braces consist of brackets and bands bonded or cemented to your teeth (to get a hold of them), and very thin metal wires that gently push your teeth into their right positions. The wire is tied into the brackets with a steel ligature or a coloured plastic ring. Some brackets have clips to hold the wires and no ties are needed. Brackets can be made of metal or tooth coloured ceramic or plastic. Ordinary fixed braces are bonded to the front of your teeth. There are also braces that can be bonded on the back of your teeth (lingual braces). "

This is the AFTER. And they tie on the INSIDE of the teeth!! LoL. Hearad from Erin that it's not really advisable as it costs more and is more painful. Painful good, then I won't eat. If I don't eat means I can take the chance to slim down! Haha! I remembered Joel (from MIE) went to had his teeth done, and for the first week he could only drink porridge. Yes D.R.I.N.K. He couldn't open his mouth too wide and there were sores and ulcers all over his mouth. Pain lehz. But then to look pretty...that's a price to pay lor.

Checked out the prices and realised that stupid Ligual braces costs 8K - 12K, depending on the seriousness of my teeth. Think mine very mild only lah, let's set it at 10K, 2 yrs, which means per month I have to pay $420. -_-" Think I can give up smoking liao lor. Yes yes, I can hear you clapping and laughing. Stop it. I'm really cutting down le. Hmmz..Feng can also use this time to save up on the money we spend on food lehz. LoL. Should I do it? Think go back home tonight and discuss with my mom. Erin looked so pretty! I wana be pretty too. Wait, I'm's just that I'm lazy to do myself up. 没有丑女人,只有懒女人。 Even if I can't do anything about my size, I should do something about my face so that people won't find me revolting. LoL.

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