Thursday, August 16, 2007

16 August 2007, Thursday

Gays and Lesbians

Saw that Xiaxue had updated her blog and today's topic was about gays. She was "harassed" by gays lah. So I went to the website listed and was shocked to realise there're gays everywhere! *You are surrounded. You will have no more bfs if you don't want Alex. Heck. We want him now even if you guys are together.* AHhhhhhhhhhhh! Just kidding. Hey chill man. Cause I have a couple of friends who are actually gays and they even showed me the *ahem* partner's...err...nevermind.

They are human in need of love also lah. So stop being mean to them and ostracise them. But this website is created solely for gays and lesbians. I have yet to see any posts on wanting to know females by females. Mostly by males only lehz.

An example. They have an ad space, where they can look for jobs, housemate...whatever. But the most popular is the missed connections. Which represented somebody you missed knowing at that moment, and hoped that he comes to this website and replies you.

This is how it looks like. This same guy had posted twice. Think he has a thing going on for the Comfort Driving instructors. Not going to post up his nick inside though. At least he had the guts. Do you? Just give him a chance! Maybe he should try Hitchoo.
Seriously, I have no idea there were so many gays in Singapore. Sure I know there are gays around, heck, I'd even been to one of the pubs, which after 2am is a gay pub! That's in Boat Quay though. Think the name of the pub is called Rav. Before 2am, it's a normal pub with dancing and drinking. After 2am, it's opened for gays and gays only. We actually bumped into a few on our way out. Jacky was turned on. Haha! Kidding. Jacky was interested to know how it was like inside after 2am though. But we couldn't get in. At least me and Sue couldn't. =[

After I went to that website, I was astounded by how many gays there are. They seemed to be everywhere. Hmm. It's nothing wrong. It's just your personal preferences what. And not all gays are ah gua ok! Ah gua are called transvestite. They need not necessarily be gays, and likewise gays need not be transvestite. Get your facts right.

They had this video made, asking the males to wear a condom, whenever they had sex. Since this is a gay site, the characters in the video are all males. Before you start jumping and getting turned on/off, go have a look. It's cartoon. 3D cartoon. Nicely made. And seriously, if I'm at home alone, I'll keep playing the part where they have sex. Haha! It's so cute! Cartoon and cartoon. And doesn't turn me on. I'm rather sleepy to be turned on. Maybe I'm turning lesbian soon. LoL. Go check the video out.

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