Friday, August 24, 2007

24th August 2007, Friday

Deja Vu - Isabella Seng

This morning came in, Auntie Lily and Eileen were discussing about an accident they saw when commuting to work this morning. Just now, the radio reported this news. So I went into Yahoo and searched for the news. Read the article.

I thought after 11 years, I would have forgotten about Isabella. I seemed to be wrong. I felt tears welling up in my eyes when I told Xana that even if it is just a green man, people might still get knocked down. I know cause that's what Isabelle went through before she was finally removed of her life support 3 about 2 - 3 days later. 11 years le. Isabelle was only 14, and one of the prettiest girl in school. Best thing was, she was one of my best buddy back in secondary school. She kept a lookout for me during sec 1, always there for me and teaching me things. She's truly a friend. No matter what insults and vulgarities I threw to her, she take it and still accepts me with open arms. I missed her.

I don't even have her picture. I know she's somewhere around, or even reborn. She'll always be in my heart I guess. As for what happened to her, well, Isabella was crossing the road at Bedok South, and a van hit her and dragged her several metres before coming to a stop. She was only 14. She was first sent to the Changi Hospital, and then transferred to TTSH. I only got to know it about 24 hours after she was hit. Everyone in school know about it except me. They were only willing to tell me after school. I rushed to the hospital straight away and was the first to see Isabella. She cried. I really missed her.

7 years after her death, she came into my dream. We chatted like old friends. That was the last time I saw her. But I still remembered how she looked like. Think Rizhen got the photo we took together back in secondary school. I still have one of her pic, looking at the lyrics of a song all of us were trying to learn. She's pretty. Of course...cause she's my friend.

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