Friday, August 24, 2007

24 August 2007, Friday

It's Friday!! Random Pics Again

Hahaha!! It's finally Friday! Feng and I had made up. In a way. Things are definitely getting better. *Blush* Hahaha. I'm beginning to get the feeling of being in honeymoon period again. All these happened after we talked things through after work last night. Anyway, here are the pictures I owed you guys.

Meow!! This kitty..think he's called Prince. He's residing at Jing Jing's pet shop. Jing Jing is Feng's cousin. And yupz, she has her own pet shop. At Telok Kurau. This kitty very cute lor!! And yes, this picture I very slim hor? That's cause I just came back from China ma! After 2 weeks in China, I actually slimmed down. But now? I'd gained at least 5KGS or more lor! Argh.

Nice nice kitty. He's really very cute!! And very very pretty. Handsome cat. If only I can bring him home...sigh. But he belongs to the co-shop owner. If Chris didn't ask Feng to take this pic, I think he won't take me also lor. He'll just snap the kitty. KNS. @#$%^& Really damn cute!! Anyone wana buy dog food can go Telok Kurau there. New shop, only about 6 months old nia. ^_^

I was in pain. Stop laughing. Stupid Feng just kept snapping away when I was at the sinseh regarding my knee problem.

Really damn pain. I was damn close to tears and it was a wonder the jacket doesn't have a hole after me biting on it.

Can you tell who is it? Zhong Qing lor. And Junwei. Junwei's 签书会 @ Vivo City. Kym went to 捧场 and although this isn't my first time seeing her, I still think she's pretty and small sized. LoL. Maybe cause I too big sized. Haha!

STAY CURRENT WITH CORPORATE TRAINING. OR ELSE. Nice adverts made by SIM students. I went closer to have a look and found broken leptops inside, and HDD, Rams and all sorts. Not forgetting canned drinks and plastic bags, which were deposited by accident. It looked just like a normal rubbish dump mah. Can't blame them. LoL.

One of my favourite cartoon man! I finally caught The Simpsons Movie! It was hilarious and entertaining and, need I add? Sarcarstic. Haha! If Singaporeans were to make such movie, definitely kena charged for racism, and lots of other things. Damn nice show. Especially that Arnold what's-his-name, saying "I'm elected to lead, not read." Jitao faint ah! 5 stars out of 5! 3 thumbs up! That is if I had 3 thumbs. LoL.

This is from my Coke Bottle piggy bank. A total of $375. Who's getting married next? Maybe I can give you an ang pao from my $1 coin collection. LoL.

It's not shit. It's something you spread on your bread. It has garlic. Yes. That's the garlic bread spread I made myself. Looks nice? It tasted even better. I know it good. Don't care what you think. You want a piece? Come my house lor. Oh yah, and bring plain bread.

It's actually bigger than it looked in the pictures. These fireworks are taken from Feng's bedroom window on 18th Aug. He was not feeling really well to go watch the fireworks at Marina, and I just don't feel like driving down there and get caught in the traffic jam. Therefore, went back to his house and watched this instead. If you look properly, yah there are some fireworks in the pictures. Kekeke.

For the next few pictures, not going to describe cause I have a report to do. No time to describe. Just roll over your mouse to see the description lah. Taken at Indulgz last Friday when we went over to try the food. Not bad.
Focus on me please
Feng's Avocado with Honey - *Yucks*
Feng enjoying his drink - *double yucks*
Feng's Creamy Mushroom Soup
My French Onion Soup
Appetiser: Fried Button Mushroom with Garlic Mayo - Garlic too strong
Feng's Double Cabonara - too cheesy
That's not oil. It's egg yolk.
My Baked Chicken with Mashed Potato - potato heavenly. Chicken not bad!

Total damage was $70. Ok lah hor? Maybe goin there again sometime to try their cheese fondue, strawberry with cream and their butterfish. *Drool* Hungry le....sad, still got 2 hours to lunch time. ARGH!

Some banker bought us cakes last week when they dropped over to discuss something with my manager and boss. Cakes are from Polar and I find the coffee cake nice! Not too sweet and not very creamy until you get sick.

The few cakes we had to share

These 2 mice are cream lor. Can eat de. The ears are gua zi. Nobody wanted to eat it cause it was too damn cute. Think my manager brought it home for her sons instead. LoL. K lah, write finish le. Gotta go do my report. Kekeke. Update later.

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