Friday, August 31, 2007

31 August 2007, Friday


Odex, currently the anime downloaders' enemy number 1. LoL. Recent news like this and this. I went to search for Odex on Yahoo and it came up with alot of news. Newest article I read about Odex is this. I scrolled down and realised that Starhub had fought against giving up their subscriber's names. *Whistle* Yeah Starhub!! So many people are against Singnet for "betraying" them. Selling them out. Some even went to the extent of unsubscribing to Singnet. Extreme man. Some of those who unsubscribed to Singnet, DID NOT download anime. This is their way of protesting against privacy rights between a customer and the supplier. Heng I stopped supporting Singnet years ago. Charges high yet so slow. Starhub all the way~! Hope Feng won't receive the letter, cause I know recently he did download a few of his Naruto. *Prays hard*

But then again, who can blame them for doing this? No, no, I'm not standing on Odex's side. Cause I did download my Gashbell over internet too. It was until there wasn't anymore subtitles, then I stopped downloading. Yes, I'm guilty of this too. But who isn't? In Singapore at least. Thing is, young teenagers who download songs/movies/animes do not know how difficult it came about. The producer of all these earns money by selling the original copy. If only 1 copy is sold, and put onto the internet for all to share, then producers eat grass? Can't be right? You can read about it here.

What is cute is this video. Hope I won't be "fined" for putting this up here. I find it damn funny. LoL.

Random movie

Won't it be great if we actually have this available at the nearest bookstore? I will be the first to buy it and give vit to my male friends......especially to Feng...LoL

Enjoy your day...while mine is suffering....stupid manager is having "those days" again. Menopause. Seesh. I'm being marked....LoL.

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