Thursday, August 30, 2007

30 August 2007, Thursday

Career Vs Job

The other day was chatting with someone..then I asked Feng what's the difference between career and job. He told me career is something where there's advancement, prospect and where you get to learn. Something like that. Whereas job is something you go to, for a period of time everyday, for the pay. So I concluded. Job = something you don't really like, but boh bian, you stick to it cause of the money. Career = something you like regardless the pay. Extracted from

Do you know the difference between a "job" and a "career"?

According to the dictionary, a "job" is defined as "a paid position of employment and something one has to do, a responsibility." Interestingly enough, the root word for "job" is, humorously, an Old English word that means "a lump." The reference is to a quantity, a "lump" of work, so to speak. As it applies to our topic, it is one distinct and unrelated period of employment in a series of jobs one may have.

A "career," on the other hand, comes from Middle French and stems from an earlier word for "car" -- and then "street." So, a career is a path. THe dictionary defines it as "an occupation, a way of making a living, especially with opportunities for advancement or promotion, and progress through life." It is a journey - a career pathway. my current situation is job lor. LoL. Cause I'm not liking this. I like my engineering stuff. I want to venture when I'm still young and when people would still want to employ me. ^_^ Any semiconductor firms wana hire me? Kekeke.

Anyway this morning further prove that my job is just a...well, job. Me and my team leader agreed that our manager is reaching her menopause. We start work at 9am, and my team (me, Xana and Shannen) was called in for a short meeting. Manager started blaming my team leader, Xana, that she did not distribute work to Shannen. Making Shannen like nothing to do and very sad about her work. Inside I was laughing. Haha! If only she knew the real reason as to why Shannen is sad! Then my manager started turning one big round just to comment on my working speed. It's like diaoz. But as I said lor, this is a job, not a career. So BOH CHUP lor. One ear in one ear out lor. Manager even mentioned that if she see my speed of writing CAR very slow, one day she'll throw to Shannen. Go ahead. Seriously. LoL. I'll be more than pleased. But see how long it would take Shannen to reach my level. Sorry to say this but, yah. I've engineering background, I've been to the China factory, I know how the process goes. You want to throw CAR to Shannen, who has zero engineering background, who has not been to the China factory and has not seen the process flow, go ahead. I'll be at the side watching in glee. Muahahaha.

Think if I throw Shannen a chip bead and one of our common parts, don't think she'll know the difference. Sorry for saying this, but yes, all these are through experience, which Shannen WASN'T exposed to. All because my stupid manager thinks that it's not worth it. You want people work for you, expose them to more of our products lah! Kaoz. Want her to fly when you don't show her what flying is. Stupid. Early in the morning kena scolded by her liaoz. My team leader was so pissed that she threw half of her customers to Shannen. I told her to keep the rest, she pass 1 customer, I pass 1 customer, then we slowly load. Think Shannen said something then my team leader just fuck it and passed everything to her. Of course we're not letting her die. Cause if she dies, we die too. We will teach her de lah.

Told Wenjie I've no idea how long am I going to continue to work. Sometimes, the comments and the people in the workplace makes me so tired. Not saying the people here aren't great. They're nice. Thing is most of the people in their 30s and above have this misconception that single child are childish or whatever. Well, thing is I'm not like that with my outside friends. Sigh. Can't be bothered lah. Just let it be....see how long I can tahan ba. *Breathe in, breathe out* 明天会更好!

Online Shopping

Was browsing the net then saw this. And saw alot of nice nice stuff. LoL. These caught my

For someone who travels quite a few times in a year *cough*, I believe this is suitable for me. On an average, I travel at least 3 times a year. That's including Malaysia, when I've to visit my relatives lah. Hmmz..gotta check out if the shop at Marina Square sells it at the same price or this is cheaper.

This will really come in handy if I'm over at my company's factory in China. Scarly black out, I'll have a torchlight. I'm afraid of the dark. *Shudder*

Ehh...I just want this lah. Just in case I go overseas and I'm hungry, can cook something to eat. Say...maggie mee? Or Campbell's soup? Or...fried rice?'s tempting me! How!!!!

I absolutely love unique things. Who wana buy this Daka Pin Clock for me? Be it Christmas or birthday..LoL...why not buy it for Be-Nice-To-Xueyu Day, which will last for the next 1 week?'s damn nice but it's too ex. I think maybe will buy for Eugene's bday. He's a fellow unique things collector as well. Nice huh.

This is absolutely for my car. DUH. Will you buy this for me? I'm lacking of this thing lehz. I always seem to forget to take out my cashcard. Buy this for me?

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