Wednesday, August 22, 2007

22 August 2007, Wednesday

Don't Teach Me

I do not like people to teach me. I repeat. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. PEOPLE. TO. TEACH. ME. Should I phrase it better? Cause I do like to learn things. Ok. I do not like people to teach me when I didn't request to be taught. Yes. That's it. I really do not appreciate peopole teaching me to run my life, or what to do, or the right way to do things. I do the way I like. I'm not you. Feng was screamed and shouted by me alot of times, for teaching me how to drive. I DID NOT ASK YOU. I get all pissed up when Eddie from Seamax tried to teach me how to do my work. I DO NOT APPRECIATE IT. And our relationship soured, and since then, we did not talk to each other unless needed. And now I'm so pissed off.
A most aged 18...trying to teach me about HTML codes?! Fuck off. When I was learning my first HTML codes, you are still crawling or drinking milk. I first learnt my HTML code when I was 15. BY MYSELF. I am a graduate from Informatics with Diploma in IT. Even though it isn't that recognised, I learn more programming languages than you had learnt in poly. Did you learn C++? Java? VB? HTML? Javascript? Oh please, STOP TEACHING ME or try to hint to me that I do not understand. I was browsing through Shina's blog and saw the comments her cousins left. I complained to Shina's mom, who is also my team leader at work. I was the one who did up Shina's blog. Her cousins did nothing but just left comments. As I mentioned earlier, I DID NOT ASK FOR THE COMMENTS. These are the comments they made (belle and xy is me lah):

athena: shina, go disable your right click button so that no one that just copy paste the photos you've put up and do stupid things to it.
belle: > athena: u can't save the pics.. *I had already disabled the right click on her blog*
sam: what athena meant was you can still click on the pics to enlarge it and save it (:
xy: of coz...unless she knows the code to disallow the enlarge
xy: or just disable any clicks

GAN DULAN LOR! Are you trying to hint that I'm stupid and do not understand what the shit you were trying to tell me? Hello?! I know you can enlarge the photos, but I can't disable left click right! Else you can't access the page at all lor! To disable the enlarging of the photos, the blogger (in this case, Shina), has to delete the LINK of the photo lah! Kaoz.

Was so pissed off I did a print screen of a step-by-step to teach Shina how to remove the link. I printed it out for her mom and complained that I do not like kids teaching me. Show off ah? Try walking a few years more than me, I might consider listening to you. Be more educated than me, be more successful, I might listen. Other than that FUCK OFF. I told Feng many times when he commented on my driving," Your driving experience is lesser than me. Don't teach me how to drive. I do not care whether you park better than me or what, DON'T TEACH ME." Likewise to everybody...DON'T TEACH ME UNLESS YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME, by my standards of course. What you think is what you think. I don't care. If I think I'm better than you, you'll still be under me. Oh fuck off smart alecs.

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