Thursday, August 23, 2007

23 August 2007, Thursday

Diet diet = Slim slim = Pretty + Chio

Happy birthday to Tommy and Karleong! LoL. Today is Tommy's birthday and Cecilia decided to lunch in. Cecilia is my manager btw. So we ordered KFC and I was rather happy, long time never eat le. Think the last time I ate KFC/Pizza Hut was in this company...maybe in April? Or longer. Anyway, colleagues were asking me not to eat too much chicken skin. So we started this topic about being slim and all. Boss and manager said I wasn't too bad. My fats aren't really that flabby, just flabby that's all. But it's not soft soft...mine has a little meat, so it's still ok. I guess I must keep to my dieting regime. Eat oats everyday (mon - thurs) and lunch don't eat. Dinner try to eat veggies and meat but no rice. Hmmz. Time I start doing crunches. The other day I did leg lift, my stupid knee hurt until I didn't dare to try after 3 times. The pain was very bad.

Can't wait to meet Feng. It had been some time since we last met. The feeling is getting a little "diluted". Need to do something. Sigh. Hope we can do something to rekindle my love towards him. And no. There's no other guy.

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