Sunday, September 2, 2007

02 September 2007, Sunday

Comex 2007

Ok..I'm nuts about IT show. I always try to attend these fairs, which comes once every 6 months. But funnily, Comex 2007 this year was held earlier. Supposedly to be held in November, but it was shifted to 30th August. It ended today. I can't say that I bought alot of stuff as compared to the IT show on 30th May. Well, I bought my laptop (which I'm using now) at the IT show in June. This time, with no laptops or desktop to buy (although I'm very tempted by the Dell and HP desktop), I still managed to spend $80+ on this fair. Steady right? I'm a sucker lah. I just have to buy buy and buy. All boh liao things.

This year's Comex, saw the label printer, $39.90 only. But Feng nagged at me, saying that I do not need it. So I dropped the idea....after much much persuasion. I wanted to buy a thumbdrive which is compatible with Windows Vista, but only Toshiba (1G) and another brand which I can't remember has it. I still prefer Imation's thumbdrive. Guess I gotta wait till they're compatible with Vista lor. Both my 2 thumbdrives (Imation, 1G and 2G), can't be used on my laptops. Meaning I've to send my work through my work email to my yahoo email, else I can't do my work. Else I've to burn all my data onto CD, bring to work for editing or whatever. Which is like...waste of my CDs. Oh oh...because we went late, else I would have bought more things! LoL.
Know what I wanted to buy? Wanted to buy bluetooth earpiecve, so I can drive and talk on the phone, without having to hold onto my phone. Recently people tend to love to call me when I'm driving. KNS. And I wanted to buy a printer, that can not only print black and white and color, but on CD/DVD as well. And I wanted to buy more blank CD. And I wanted to buy a new desktop. And I wanted to buy a NDS. But fuck. The NDS there so ex. Was offered $245 for a new NDS W/O game. TM offered me $249 with 2 games. Tsk tsk. Wanted to buy GBA games as well as PC games. And then I was molested. Yes. Some fucker touched my butt...3 times in a row. Feng wanted to chase after him, but I was too tired to carry on.

Well, I got kinda bored, then decided to buy some stuff. LoL. I'm so happy!! I'm a tech geek. I'm happy when I buy lots of technical things or geeky stuff for my pc. No...I'm not like other females. I don't get happy cause I bought a new bra, or a new lacy underwear, or some skirts/tops. Or cosmetics. LoL. I'm a different kind of girl. Anyway, I bought some boh liao stuff at Comex this time. I bought a hp cover for my N73 (from Nokia of course), a notebook cooling pad (hope it lasts longer than 2 months this time..), a headphone with mic (for work) and something bought on impulse; a skin for my laptop. Feng made a joke, saying that since I rarely use my laptop, the least I could do it to beautify it and make my laptop into an accessory for my living room. -_-"

I bought the laptop skin from Garskin. They have over 300 skins to choose from (but I only saw 100+) and I can take my own sweet time to choose. They have skins for ALL laptops and at the Comex, they are selling for $37 only. I went to the website and realised most of them are in USD. When converted, the cheapest skin costs more than $37. So I never lugi lor. LoL. For HP users, you can visit the skin website here. And guess what? You can even customise your own desktop with their skins! Shiok man. I'm having a little problem as to choose which skin. I've narrowed down to the following skins. Give me some comments lehz. Leave your comments on my tagboard. See skins below:

Keep in mind that my keys are black. And the skin not only covers the exterior, but the wrist area on my laptop as well. LoL. I seriously do not know which to choose. It's like so pretty! Oh I paid already lah, so all I have to do is choose the design that I like, key in the User Id given to me and they will send it to me. As for the dimensions and all, they will already be cut according to my laptop size. Shiok right? Don't say I never intro nice stuff to you guys. ^_^

I'm one happy girl even though I have yet to shop finish at Comex. Shall wait for the next PC show to go shopping for a printer, some games (hopefully NDS), a bluetooth earpiece, a thumbdrive and some CDs. LoL. I'm one happy little geeky girl.

Singapore..My Home.

Went to sinseh again yesterday. Realised I got the address wrong. Their unit is #02-80A, and not #02-82 as I drew last week. Anyway, got bored and started taking some pictures. I realised Singapore is truly a place where the old meets the new, and the east meets the west. We are a small dot, yet different races are in the same place and we can live harmoniously, despite our differences. And do you know we actually have backpackers hostel in Singapore?

This is one of the top rated one in Singapore, which is at Chinatown. It looks cosy inside, and looke like a house lor. Outside are chairs for people to smoke and enjoy the night view of Shenton way.

Fernloft is a well-maintained budget hostel, licensed by Singapore Tourism Board. And guess who is linked to them for month of August? Georges!! I went Georges a couple of years ago and their boss, David, is a very nice guy with no airs. He even treated us to drinks and helped plan Eugene's birthday! So nice of him. Sorry gals, he's married and was from TP! Ambitious and friendly guy. Hmm...maybe it's time to drop in le. Don't think he remembers me anymore. He's located next to the Cheesecake House @ Siglap.

East meets west. The biggest Chinese temple that housed the Buddha's tooth (which they claimed was a fake) with tall buildings in the background. Well, to us it might be normal. But to other countries...well..I don't know. I find it amazing that one moment you're at Chinatown, where buildings are from old times..and older than my parents, and next moment you're surrounded by skyscrapers. Think I'm just one sentimental fool.

At the field of Chinatown, they are building big lanterns. One of these lanterns is not a symbol of Chinese. It is a mosque. This also represents Singapore, the place where all different races are treated equally (to a certain extent, I've to admit) and that all races are important. See, mid-autumn coming, but we also put up lanterns of moques! Eh their Hari Raya also coming. LoL. home. So proud being a Singaporean.

Yes this is the shop that I visit. Very messy, very not Singapore style. Not the type that most youngsters would visit. Heck if he weren't that great with my knee, I wouldn't have gone either! Damn great shop. The liang teh also not bad, although very smelly. Bought for Feng, and he forced me to drink a couple of mouthfuls cause my throat was hurting a little. LoL. It sucks. But I feel better. TCM does work afterall.

Thank You

Feng said I cheated him to go Pasir Ris, so that he has to come over my house to stay overnight. LoL. Well, I didn't want to go home what. And he doesn't really like coffeebean or starbucks, so the place with the least people is Xing Wang HK Cafe at White Sands lor. It opens 24hrs on weekends what. Was too full to eat anything yesterday, so went there for a chat.

Thank you dear, for accompanying me and for hearing what has been bothering me these few weeks. Let's work hard together for our future ba. That includes both our tempers. LoL. I really love this man. Any other guy would have just dumped me by now. He's one great guy. Love you!! *Muacks*

Ok..I gotta go play maple with him le. Just died when travelling from Ellinia to Orbis. Stupid barlogs. Hope they rot in eternal hell. But then they're just games. Somehow or rather, they don't die. I will. Ciaoz ppl...hope you had a great weekend. Tomorrow is Monday! Hope Arsenal wins the match also. 20 more mins to end game. LoL. Score already 3-1. Kekeke...ok lah! Nites all!

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