Wednesday, September 5, 2007

05th September 2007, Wednesday

MC today and tomorrow

It had been a long time since I was given 2 days mc. Guess the last time was when Dina (family doc) suspected that I was down with dengue. Just now went to see doctor. Dina told me that my throat's red, and I'm coming down with fever. Yah..fever not yet developed..maybe caused I drank cold water before visiting the doctor. Ya I know, sick liao still drink cold water. Couldn't help it. It's an old habit. Was sneezing my head off this morning and my throat's itchy. Went to doctor and when she asked me to breathe in and out, I kept coughing. That jialat. My temperature was OK lah, 37.2 nia. Not yet fever.

Anyway going back to work tomorrow. My manager will be back tomorrow. Cannot fall sick when she's around, else she'll fuck me upside down when I'm back. Nah...she won't fuck me upside down, she'll only SARCASTICALLY ask me to take care of myself and start giving me a lecture on how to take care of myself. So in order to get ready for her ANY lectures tomorrow, now I'm asking Shannen to send me the CARs I've to write. Gonna do them later, after my nap. I'm damn shagged out. Brain is almost not fuctioning le.

Shannen told me that I shouldn't waste my MC and told me to go rest. As if I can. Don't want my manager to niam me tomorrow. Sick lehz, cannot tahan niam one. Anyway, by going back to work tomorrow is already wasting my MC, so fuck it. Dina's nice enough to give me 2 days mc, even though I asked for 1/2 day MC. Argh...dread going to work.

Feng was worried, so...worried. He wanted to give up his sleep to come accompany me. That silly guy. He even suggested accompanying me to the doctor after he knocked off. He'd just worked night shift, a straight 12hr. The poor dear. Me go take my med now liaoz. *Hugz all + pass germs around* LoL.

Civil Servants has Perks

The good thing about having civil servants as parents is that when government give them perks, I too get to enjoy it. That includes free movie tickets to Cathay and GV, trips to Zoo/ Night Safari, and many others. SHIOK! Since I can get all these perks without having to work, why not? So I'll never join S**. LoL. Friends will know what my parents are working as de lah.

Anyway, yesterday me and Feng got to enjoy one of the perks. (He had been to Night Safari, was one of the first few to step into Cathay Cinema to watch Santa Clause 3 and free movie tics!) We caught Ratatouile @ Eng Wah, Suntec yesterday. Our show was at 710pm, so my dad picked me and Feng up after work. Since the tickets had included free food (hotdog bun/nachos+cheezels/popcorn+cheezels, medium coke and a packet of skittles), we saved up on our dinner. We had to queue up to get our coupon, then the guys at the reception table asked which department my dad was from, I was like speechless. How the hell I know? LoL. Thought I gave name can liao. Heng my daddy arrived at the right time and got me my coupons.

Look at the number of c.s and their family, queueing for their free food coupon. So many people hor? Surrounded by them man. FULL OF p****e. LoL. Oh, did I mention that our seat were director's seats and they only cost $2/pax?! LoL.

This is how the director's seat in Eng Wah Suntec looks like. Nothing fantastic lah. One pair of tickets costs $25. So not worth it. Sofa was comfortable though. I don't get services though. Not like GV, the attendants will serve you tidbits and drinks, so that you need not miss any part of the show. This one no lor! You queue outside, you bring in yourself. KNS. Only good thing is that nobody can block my view..cause I'm on a platform! Kekeke. Shiok shiok. At least tried director's seat le.

Yes yes, I look fat. Argh. It's time to diet again. Stupid Feng looked so blur and sleepy. And famished. Cannot forget famish. Cause he was gobbling down his hotdog bun and nachos! And half my packet of twisties. Maybe that was what made me sick. LoL.

OK, I seriously need to get some rest. Fever going up, I'm feeling cold, and my nose's running. Later gotta go do my reports le. Ciaoz ciaoz.

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