Monday, September 10, 2007

10 September 2007, Monday

Great Weekend

Had a great weekend. So sad it ended. Caught movie last Sat, after cheonging down to Singapore Expo at 8pm. Jacky had a booth there, so went to find him for awhile before heading to hall 6 for the Times bookfair. My God! I'm in heaven lehz! I bought >10 books for $85 only. Most expensive book I bought costs me $8. LoL. Imagine how happy I was when I lugged 2 big plastic bag out of the hall to my car. Oh..Feng didn't go to expo with me. Had a quarrel, but made up. Bought a book for him, but he kept laughing. Obviously I bought the wrong edition. KNS. He couldn't stop laughing.

Watched Evan Almighty. Great show!! Although during the movies I couldn't stop worrying about my HP, which was missing from my bag. But it was still a great movie though. LoL. Partners will be there, side by side, no matter what. LoL. "People! The flood is coming!" LoL. It's damn nice show. Yeah! Caught 2 of my shows! Still got Hairspray, License to Wed and etc etc! Watching license to wed this Sat. That is if Feng isn't working. ={

Fixed my stupid desktop yesterday. Got the internet up, and played maple story! Hahaha!! Stupid quest had me walking from one end of the map to the other. Damn shagged out. And yesterday, none of my parents dared touch the remote control. Cause I had told them I'd been waiting for TWO FUCKING LONG MONTHS for The Highschool Musical 2. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I want go buy their soundtracks liaoz! Already thinking of using one of their songs, Everyday, for my wedding. =X Haha. It was really really nice. The producer and scriptwriters really outdid themselves this time. It was more fantastic than the first one. *Hums* You are the music in me.....

Mom and dad leaving for Turkey and Greece soon. Next Monday to be exact. I'll definitely miss my mom. =P Gonna go buy the adapter for them this weekend. See what else they need ba. I'll be home alone for 9 days lehz! But then that means for 9 days, the car is mine!! Wahahahaha....LoL. Miss my mummy already. Sigh. Ok gotta go work. This is just short update nia. Ciaoz!

Friendster's Bulletin

Doing some friendster's bulletin post.

1) Single, Taken, Naked, or Flirty??
- Taken

2) Are you happy with that?
- Yepz

3) Have you ever had your heart broken?
- 2005

4) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok?
- No cheating. Fuck all cheaters.

5) Have you ever talked about marriage with another person?
- Yupz..with current bf lor. And lots of others whom I had thought was "The One".

6) Do you want children?
- Yah...Me want son..he wants son and daughter. Shucks.

7) How Many?
- Just 1 kid thanks! But he wants 3. -_-"

8) Would you consider adoption?
- Hmmz...not really unless I can't get pregnant no matter what.

9) If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
- at least my guy and me will know that his gf is still attractive.

10) Do you want someone you can't have?
- Nopez..Cause I get what I want

11) Have you fallen in love?
- DUH.

12) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
- Of course! There's the 1 mth, 6 mth, 1 yr, 1.5yr, 2 yr...etc etc

13) Do you believe that you can change for someone?
- Well, to a certain extent I guess

14) Is it a good day?
- Today? Bad bad...kena fucked by manager and boss early in the morning.

15) Have you ever broken sum1 heart before?
- Sadly yes..thank God he's no longer sad.

16) Does your ex still have feelings for you?
- Definitely no. He might hate me for all I know.

17) Do you still have feelings for them?
- Nopez..zilch.

1. A random guy/girl comes up to you and says 'hey babe.' you say:
- Hey handsome/girl

2. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
- My cup..drinking milo

3. What does your last text message says?
- Reminder: Class gathering this Friday. *Blah blah blah.*

4. the last song you listened to?
- Don't know the name of the song. On 93.3

5. what's irritating you this very moment?
- My skin...damn fucking itchy.

6. where is the rest of your family right now?
- Both parents working lah!

7. what did you do yesterday?
- Sleep, eat, watch tv, played games, sleep

8. pick a scar on your body, how'd you get it?
- disease lah..duh

10. what do you want to do when you get out of high school/college?
- I'm out of college le lah. Working liao, but going back Uni lehz

11. how old is your mom?
- 55

12. are you signed onto MSN?
- Yupz

14. who's your most religious friend?
- Hmm..Joanne ba..she goes church every Sun

16. if you could change your name to anything what would it be?
- Xueyu. LoL.

17. what's the best compliment someone has given u?
- You are smart/clever.

18. what do you hate most about your school?
- U mean my poly? Nothing lehz..

19. miss someone?
- Missing Feng

20. last time you took a plane ?
- July 03 2007, I flew back from China

21. how many times a day do you log into myspace?
- None..duno what's that

22. Last profile you went into?
- Herman lor.

23. what's the first thing you would do with five million bucks?
- Put it into bank and slowly use can't expect me to walk around with 5mil right?

24. do you like this survey so far?
- I'm bored lah...

25. who's the fourth person on your top friends, and why?
- No ranking lehz...the top 4 ppl I can think of is Feng, SF, HL and Erin. No ranking between the 3 girls though...they tied at number 2.

26. how would you react if numbers three, six, and eight on your top friends all of a sudden hated you?
- Why would they do that? LoL. Get on with life...if hey were meant to be my friends we'll be ok. If they hate me...well, let it be.

27. next thing you'll spend money on?
- Lunch..thinkin should I eat chicken rice.

28. what's one toy you remember having in the 90's?
- Barbie doll! LoL. Play mobil...

29. if you had a son what would you name him?
- Eden =]

30. look through the nearest window, what do you see?
- Carpark.

31. what's your mousepad look like?
- Don't use mousepad

32. who's someone you drifted from that you wish you were closer?
- None that I can think of. At the moment.

33. which of your friends do you argue with most?
- Feng lor.

35. what's your dream job?
- Something that I can show my capabilities...and be recognised...with high pay! LoL.

36. who's the last person that you felt was stalking you?
- Not a human but something else last Friday...scary...almost cried when opening my door.

37. if you could have any car what would it be?
- Honda S2000 of course!!

38. what's your favorite breakfast food?
- Ham, sausages, scrambled eggs with a sup of milk

39. how do you like your eggs?
- Scrambled with salt and pepper! Yum yum.

41. how about a tattoo?
- Not intending to.

42. what mood are you in?
- Sian mood. Yawning and sneezing the whole morning.

43. what's the movie you want to see in the theatres?
- License to wed! Watching it this Sat if Feng is not working.

44. if you had to live somewhere else where would it be?
- USA...either NY or Utah. Salt Lake City. LoL. Or Paris?

45. what's the last four numbers of your phone number?
- 3066

46. how many hours did you sleep for last night?
- Not sure..I remembered tossing until 3am, waking up at 530am and 650am...

47. where will your next car ride be to?
- Marina South this Friday with E009

48. if you could live in any tv show again?
- I want to live in Desperate Housewives. Nice houses. Nice neighbours. Nice food. Nice gossips. ^_^

49. what video game do you play most often?
- The Sims 2, Maple Story SEA

50. what are you wearing right now?
- Blouse, black pants, office lehz.

A-Z about me
[A]AVAILABLE: Not available...happily attached. LoL.
[B] - BIRTHDAY: 26th March
[C] - CONFUSED ABOUT: My future
[D] - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Hot milo turned cold
[H] - HOMETOWN: Singapore
[J] - JUICE: Red apple + carrot
[L] - LONGEST CAR RIDE: Back Msia to visit relatives
[M] - MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Strawberry
[N] - NUMBER OF PETS: 1 currently..Cinnamon my love!
[O] - ONE WISH: I wish for 3 wishes everyday...
[P] - PERSON WHO YOU CALLED LAST: Feng, last night.
[Q] - QUIET OR LOUD: Can be quiet when I want to...usually loud.
[R] - REASONS TO SMILE: Happy lor.
[S] - SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE? Nopez, not single yet ready to mingle
[T] - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 8am Mon-Fri, Sat and Sun depends.
[U] - UNDER THE SEA: Under water world at Sentosa counted? Else no lor...
[V] - VIOLENT: Rather...haha
[W] - WORST HABIT: Bad tempered
[X] - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Chest..for lungs. Damn got tar inside liaoz
[Y] - YOUR FAVORITE ANIMAL(S): Wolves, cats, dogs, rabbit....
[Z] - ZODIAC SIGN: Aries, ruler of planet Mars

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