Tuesday, September 11, 2007

11 September 2007, Tuesday

Mineral Water from China

Heard from YES93.3 that a China man in Haikou (Hainan Island, China), drank a bottle of mineral water and promptly fainted. He fell into unconsciousness and was brought to the nearby hospital, where he was revived. Family members were outraged and accused the mineral water to be poisoned. Doctors said it wasn't a possibility, until the family members brought a chicken and fed it with the same water. The chicken died right after drinking.


You would think after close to 1.5years, the relationship would be stable, more or less. But no. Our relationship got more unsteady as time passes by. We know each other's weaknesses, and during quarrels, we do nothing but hit on each other's Achilles’ heel. This. Does. Not. Help. Our. Relationship. It actually worsen it. But things are slightly looking up, cause from quarreling 7 days a week, we are actually cutting down to 5 - 6 days a week. It's an improvement, although it's nothing to be proud of.

Today I'm disappointed. With my recent skin condition, he's actualy not concerned. He said that since I had already booked my doctor's appointment, there's nothing else he could do. Well, show more concern and be more anxious about it for one thing. Really disappointed lor. I've been suffering these few days, constantly applying moisturiser to where it itches, even in the office. I can't let my skin touch anything, else it'll be itchy. In office today, I was feeling cold so I wore a jacket. But once it came into contact with my skin, I started itching. I applied moisturiser and continue doing my work, trying to forget the itch. Then I sat down too hard on my chair, resulting in my skin bua-ing against the cloth of my pants, again it itches. I came home, I bathed and wore sleeveless, but when my hair falls on my shoulders, it itches. Mom had been trying to keep my skin from itching by applying moisturiser and cream on me. Dad is almost at his wit's end trying to think what I can do to lessen the itch.

Mom suggested that I turn on the aircon, instead of fan, to cool down my skin, so it won't itch that much. I told her I'm wearing sleeveless, I'll be cold, but I can't wear jacket, cause it'll defeat the purposes of wearing sleeveless. I'm pissed, I'm troubled, but my guy sees it as nothing. It hurts. It really does.

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