Thursday, September 13, 2007

13 September 2007, Thursday

Help!! Argh...stupid skin

Was complaining to Huiling yesterday, that God doesn't love me. He's being unfair to me. He made me a very, very sensitive person. He gave me sensitive eyes (my eyes get red easily), sensitive nose (one knock or in a dusty area, I'll sneeze my head off), sensitive ears (can't wear fake silver..whole ear will itch), sensitive lips (I get cold sore easily!) and last but not least, sensitive skin. And he made me fat, and ugly. He really does not like me. And he made me stupid too! LoL. Sigh.

Anyway, my skin looks much better, but actually it's not!! My skin tingles with pain whenever something or someone brushes against it. Yes, P-A-I-N. Little bumps had appeared all over my arms and legs. And shit, yesterday mom spotted another pus-filled bump on my leg. Shit shit. Another scar which will prevent me from wearing skirt and shorts.

Mom said that her colleague's daughter also has the same problem, and she visits this private doctor instead of CGH or NSC. Since my visit to CGH will be like end of October, it's either I go see my family doctor tonight or to the private clinic mom's colleague introduced. Dad was evil. Dad told me yesterday to 借口, so I cannot eat tidbits nor fried stuff (yesterday just ate fried chicky wings wor!) nor seafood (me going steamboat tml wor!). I told my dad long time no eat tidbits le. Then he looked at me seriously and then said," Basically, anything nice you also cannot eat. Cause all the nice food are all the ones with 'poison' one." *Faint* Not funny daddy, absolutely not funny.

Anyway, spent most of last night scratching myself. Subconsciously of course. When I realised I was scratching, I woke up and tried to refrain. So that took me half the night. When mummy woke me up this morning, I was damn tired. Mom told me to apply for 2hrs off (miracle man! Mummy NEVER asks me to take time off before) from my company and sleep in. I rested until 815 and bathed. And I was screaming...Ok...not screaming, just wailing, when the water touches my skin. IT BURNS!! And it's itchy. Damn jialat. Decided to get an hour off. Stayed home and ate my breakfast. Applied medicine all over my body before going work.

Mom sent me an sms, telling me to book an appointment with Dr Lawrence Lim @ Towner Road. *WTF* Heng I went online to search for the clinic's name. Voila! Mummy gave me the wrong number. LoL. Heng I'm a little tech savvy and found the clinic's name on Eguide. I called them and the earliest date they can give me is on 29th September. *Faint* So boh bian, tonight have to go Dr Dina liaoz. Hope she won't give me a jab. *Shudders* I hate needles.


Anonymous said...

I don't think God hates you, but you gotta make efforts in improving yourself.
It's like God is challenging you because He knows you can overcome such hard trials. Next time, you are able to solve one of your problems, give yourself a pat in the back and give God thanks. Another thing that helps is admitting you have those issues and not be ashamed of them.
Okay, I personally have a problem with my eyes getting red easily. Try to use those disposable eye drops making sure you get the best quality wetting remedy for your eyes. Another solution is to make sure you give yourself a 20-30 min of nap in the evening (you don't have to even really sleep). Your eyes will be whiter that way.

Good luck and try to be more positive about life. I am also still in the learning process for this :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't look at date lol, but hope you're better now ;D