Saturday, September 15, 2007

15th September 2007, Saturday

Missing Them Already

Mom and dad went shopping in the afternoon without me. I guess, coming home at 6am, they wanted me to sleep more since I didn't sleep much last week. They went shopping for their trip. Mom and dad's going to Turkey/Greece for 9 days and they're flying off on Mon night to KL to meet up with my aunt and uncle. Today's Saturday only, but my eyes are welling up with tears as I pass my mom my socks to wear there.

Close friends will know that although I fight with my parents alot, but I love them alot as well. I will miss my mom especially. It was my mom who tended to my every needs and wounds. Dad just provides me with material stuff and cash and is there when something very bad happens. Other than that it's always mom. Mom didn't sleep the whole of last night when I was out with E009 people. Until I came home and finished bathing. I guess nothing can beat the love I have for my parents.

Mom asked if I'm ok and will I be ok for the next 9 days they aren't here. I told her ya. But deep inside I'm crying, like I am now. I don't want them to go. I want them by my side. Forever. This is the same feeling I got when I left for China. Previously mom went with her cousins to Taiwan. When dad and me sent her to the airport, I hugged her and almost cried. Mon I'm sending both of them to the airport. First time in my 25 years, both my parents are leaving me alone. Not the other way round.

Usually kids grow up, they leave their parents alone. This time, I really don't know how I can handle it. Mon - Thursday, they'll walk in through my door at 630pm, and mom will always check if I'm sleeping, dad will fight with me over the remote controller. Mom will cook dinner or tabao, dad and I will watch TV. I'll definitely miss them for the 9 days they aren't around. *Sobs* Cannot cry le. Must grow up. BUT I MISS THEM! *Cries* I'll be OK by the 3rd day they're gone I guess...hopefully......

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