Thursday, September 27, 2007

27 September 2007, Thursday

Mom and Dad are back!

Yeah!! Mom and dad are back!! With gifts! And lots of complaints about each other. LoL. Mom says next time she don't want go overseas with dad, cause his face black black everyday. Dad says mom is so naggy and can't stop worrying about me everyday. Can't enjoy. LoL. But they did have fun, although they were not used to the food (everyday eat mutton, cheese and sweet stuff, either that or too oily). Best part is, they bought alot of stuff for me!! Things over there rather ex, so didn't buy alot of souveniers for their colleagues.

These were supposed to be my gifts..but I just took everything I saw and displayed it. LoL. Got genie lamps (when I rubbed it, dad said the genies might be still left in Dubai coz they don't have passport to travel. He told me, however, to rub it hard everday. -_-"), shisha (I think it's spelt like that), Coke (yeah!! Can add to my Coke collection!), and everything you can see here lah.

Another view of the things they bought.

The 4 magnets were not for me. Those were bought in Greece. Think 2 for my aunt and 2 for us. Mom said magnets costs them $2 Euro each, which is about...$5+ each? LoL.

All the necklaces and bracelets. Those are "The Eye", yes the famous eye, which is said to curb jealousy and dang xiao ren / zai / evil spirits. LoL.

A much nicer pic of all the stuff they bought / given to them by the boss of some aircon company. Heard from my father that the boss of the aircon company (who also organised this trip) gave each of them a gift everyday. LoL. Shiok hor?

You might have to enlarge this pic to see it. Those marked with the red arrow are mine! My gifts! Which inclues 2 bracelets (one of which is not in the pic), 2 bottles of perfume (bought at SG DFS), one necklace, one pendant, a keychain, 3 cokes, 1 pepsi, 1 shisha and a small bottle of Greece's wine and 2 shot glasses.

Mom and Dad are both very tired from the travelling. They took about 20hrs of flight (including transit and waiting...) and arrived yesterday at 6pm. I reached airport at 645pm (cause made a wrong turn and turned into Bedok) and went to pump petrol. Hugged mom and we went to have our dinner at Soup Restaurant. Mom missed the chicken, ever since I bought them to the restaurant last year. LoL. Mom loved the chicken lor, so for so long in my life, I actually let my parents eat more of my favourite food than me. Yes I'm a grown girl. *Puke*

Anyway they were so tired from travelling that this is the first time in my 25years that my mom fell asleep while watching tv. Mom never liked sleeping in the hall de. She always makes it a point to lie on her king sized bed to sleep. But yesterday, she fell asleep while watching her favourite programme - the news. Dad was also tired, but he still managed to wake up today at 8am. Guess who took a ride to work today? After so many days of driving to work, really felt very lazy. Especially that it was raining this morning. Dad offered to drive me to work, so I took up the offer lor! LoL. Wonder if my mom is up. Hmm...they better catch some rest wor. Tonight going to eat the mooncake (finally) with them! Yeah!!!

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