Thursday, September 27, 2007

24 September 2007, Monday

Housewife - Part IV

Sigh. Monday night. Mom and dad coming home soon. Office was a hell load of fun. Boss and manager not around lah. And lunch had became an outside thing. We have lunch outside everyday. Shiok. I am the ahmad, but who cares? I love to drive anyway. =]

Anyway, told Feng to stay home today. Cooked chicky wings and salmon. No veggies lah. Can't finish up all the food. Since tomorrow confirm not eating at home, might as well cook the fish. Tomorrow is our 18 months together!! Yeah! Washed clothes again. Parents coming home, must do everything shui shui (nice nice) for them. Must prove to them that I can actually take care of myself AND the house when they're not around.

My chicky wings! Damn nice! LoL. Except I left it on the stove and went to bathe, so when I came back some were a little burnt. No harm done. Cause the burnt part stayed at the bottom of the pot. Argh. Later gotta wash liaoz.

Yum yum. First time I seasoned a salmon with basil leaves and salt and pepper ONLY. But not bad. Those are not oil. Those are butter. Hungry le ma?

Forgot to take the end product cause I ate finished everything then remembered. LoL. Nice lah I tell you. Haha!

Ok, now gotta go wash the pots and pans liaoz. Sigh. Ownself eat really very kelian. So...Alone. Sigh.

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