Thursday, October 4, 2007

04 October 2007, Thursday

Branded Salon = Expensive Hairdo != Nice Hairdo

OK. Went rebonding on Sat. Decided to go Jean Yip instead of Hair Inn this time. Why? Cause I called Jean Yip and asked about the price, they told me rebonding is at $158 for ALL HAIR LENGTHS. Hmmz..sounds reasonable, somemore Jean Yip lehz. It's a steal at $158 lor. Booked my appointment for Saturday. Went over at 2pm, TM de.

This my hair BEFORE the rebonding. First thing was it took quite some time for that stylist to come over to serve me. NVM. Told him I wana rebond, he told me my rebond would cost $215, have to do SPA rebonding, boh bian. I was thinking to myself, still affordable. His assistant took over to wash my hair and all. His assistant then tried to "psycho" me to purchase this package of theirs. It is like 7 coupons for me to do either coloring, treatment, curling or rebonding. All will be free if I purchase this package. Even my rebond for that day will be free! But then I'm under sales also lah, so I asked him how much it was. Guess how much? $1388. Not $138.80 hor. The fucking package costs $1.4K. Unless I'm rich or had gone bonkers, don't think I'll waste that much on my hair lor.

Time passes rather quickly. The stylist came over to cut my hair (more like shave) and he's gone again, leaving his assistant to tend to my hair. Grrr...the rebonding was done by the assistant too! Only my fringe was "kiap-ed" by the stylist. @$#$YY&*

Guess wha? My rebonding DOESN'T include treatment!! Those who rebond hair knows that die die also must treatment else the hair not nice! Guess how much the stupid treatment is? Round off is $170. It's actually $160++. And my haircut IS NOT included as well. For this kind of treatment from Jean Yip Tampines Mall and the stylist, Patrick, it is not worth my $414.90. Yes I know very ex. Please stop reminding me of the hole I'd burnt in my pocket. I go Hair Inn do, including shampoo, conditioner, treatment and rebond, only $200+. Even the sucky Grace Hair Salon at my place costs less. Yes I've been to Grace for rebonding before. My hair was too frizzy after the treatment. Yet she says it's like that. And the rebonding lasted me 4 months only. Hair Inn lasts me 6 - 7 months. Let's see how long this stupid hair of mine will last.

Seriously, this is the last time I'm going to Jean Yip to do my hair. Parents came to pick me up and I told them truthfully about the cost. Amazingly, mom didn't scream her head off at me for spending so much money. Instead she told me it looks nicer than H.I. cause not so flat (but rebonding is about flat what!). Sigh. Very very sad. Can I complain to Jean Yip herself about her stylist and the service I got? My hair looked like this after the session

Colleagues told me that my hair is definitely NOT WORTH $414.90 cause there are alot of hair that are still frizzy and alot of flyaway hairs as well. And it's not smooth and it feels dry. Faint lah! Wana kill myself for being itchy butt le lah! Told my parents to tie me up at home and cut all my cards if I tell them I'm going Jean Yip to do my hair in the future. To all my friends, please slap me silly and burn me with ciggie butts if I suggest going Jean Yip to do hair. Sigh. Very expensive hairdo really not equals to nice nice hairdo. Heart pain. *Heart shattered*

Bee Hoon Kway

Told my mom the other day that I wanted to eat 面粉粿, so my mom decided to make it last Sunday. Or rather, I insisted that she cooks for me rather than purchase it at a kopidiam. So she obliged. She bought 1KG of flour and started cooking at about 3pm. I helped of course. After their holiday I knew how hard it was for my mom to juggle house work and working life. So I help out whenever I can.

First off, anchovies. Mom actually soaked and washed them, so they won't be so saltish. And I fried them. LoL. Nibbled on a few to "test" if they were crunchy enough. Actually, I was pinching on the anchovies. Haha

Mom cooked the veggies seperately from the soup cause she says it's easier for us to take the amount of veggies we want. Me and my mom love veggies. Dad..well, he eats anything we can't finish. *Giggles* Mom cooked the veggies though.

Flour! I helped to pour the flour in. Haha! Mom wouldn't let me touch it as I have long fingernails. It's either I cut my nails or she does it. The latter sounds better. =P But I told mom what to add into the flour! She seemed to have forgotten how to make bee hoon kway already. I told her to add oil, egg and water. *Smiles*

What would bee hoon kway be without the soup? So while mom is kneading the dough, I prepared the soup. Mom loves fishcake, and I love meatballs. Dad simply loved anything his 2 woman cooks for him. LoL. The soup I prepared one ok! Mai siao siao.

After mom finished kneading the dough, I had my dad help to "tear" away the dough and drop it into the soup. I did the slowest cause I made sure mine are all thin. Mom and dad's are thick de lor. They didn't press the dough until it's thin. Hmph. Mine still tastes the best-est. =]

What's bee hoon kway without veggies?

And anchovies on top?

Tadah! My Sunday teanner (tea + dinner). It taste nice! *Drool* Still got leftover dough. Mom said wana try 刀削面 this Sunday with the leftovers. Scarly she do something else to it. LoL. Drooling liao ah? Nice hor? My recipe lehz. Made most of the things myself. LoL. K I gotta go sleep le. Nitez all!

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