Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10 October 2007, Wednesday

Busy or Lazy?

I know I haven't been updating the blog recently. Been busy since Friday. Friday marks the last day of me slacking at work. Cause our China factory was closed from Monday to Friday for China National Holidays. Promised Shannen to update else she has nothing to read. *What abt me? Selfish...*

Anyway saw my team leader doing filing the other day, so I decided to do my filing as well. I had stopped filing since July. *Smile* So I decided to do my filing. I started out late lah. Only started filing on Thursday. But then I got new files and arranged it accordingly. And I was given 2 shelves of my own! *Yeah*

See!! Neat hor? My files. Most of them are half filled. The rest are completely filled. LoL. So I don't really clack in the office one ok! I got do my work also hor. Don't see me always play game, but I'm busy de. =P

Saturday Shopping

My cousin's wedding is on this Thursday. But I have nothing to wear. So went shopping with my mom and dad at OG Bugis. We went bai bai at the Si Bey Lor Guan Yin temple first before heading over to OG. Mom told me there are alot of youngster's clothes now. Went and tried on a couple of dresses. I realised I don't want to wear long dresses that covers my ankles. LoL. So I picked out a few more...

OK. This dress is nice. And this is the first dress that actually caught my eye. But after I tried it, I put it back. The dress is VERY TRANSPARENT! In front cannot see, cause it's 2 pieces of cloth overlapping each other. The whole dress is just a wrap-around with 3 buttons in front and a belt. I could see the color of my underwear when I turned around. Failed.

This is so not me. But yes. I bought this dress. As well as the necklace. And my mom bought me a pearl necklace (fake one lah). I bought another black dress, but didn't take the pic. LoL. Chio hor? Will take more during the wedding!

OK I gotta go have my dinner le. Gotta pack my bag also. And oh yah, Happy Birthday to Feng. People flood his hp! LoL. Ciaoz.

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