Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 October 2007, Wednesday

Eugene/Sue's Bday

Celebrated Sue and Eugene's birthday last Sat at AMK Hub. In fact, we went to many places that night. LoL. And my car was actually scratched. There was a 10cm scratch on the passenger side in the front. Fuck the person who did it. Curses. Forget it. Anyway went to Pepperlunch to have our dinner, then to Bishan Park 2 to cut cake and ended up at Arab Street for kopi. Steady hor?

The attitude of the "servers" are damn fucked up. Rude. Sarcarstic. Never go Pepperlunch at AMK Hub. They damn lousy. Really. Their English sucks, they keep commenting on us and do stupid stuff like clearing one tray and leaving the rest on the table after everyone had eaten their fill. STUPID.

E009 people, I'm going Malaysia tomorrow. You want your pictures, download from here. Just click, and it'll enlarge, then right click to save. Have uploaded ALL pictures. Enjoy.

Sue my lesbian partner number 1! LoL.

Why you smile until like that huh? Constipation? Silly girl.

My Shimofuri. I think? It's nice man!

Gene and Baoyan, his gf. Too bad for you girls out there. Muahahaha. My darling has a gf!

She smiles like that on purpose man. That's her soup. Or is it her green tea? Who cares. Haha

What's that Eugene? Your cow? Did they kill your cow quickly? Hmmz...

The ugly cake. It was damn "gao" man. And it was filled with nuts! I hate nuts.

Bday boy Eugene (10/06) and bday girl Sue (10/19). Short of Nelson (10/19) only.

Opps..sorry about the blur pic...

This is so much nicer! The couple again.

Looks nice but tastes terrible. Think only Jacky managed to finished his piece. And Huiling. Huiling you finished your cake right? Never buy the brownie cheesecake from kopibean. =X

Wonder what distracted Eugene. Must be the gf lah. =) Heng not someone else.

E009! My classmates from year one man!! 2002 till now. Of course not all present lah. I love these guys! And it takes a pro to take this pic without help from passerbys. I'm the pro. Haha! The camera was actually balanced on the railing. Stead pom pi pi.

The "family" pic. I'm the mother of Sue, who is the mother of Huiling, who is the mother of both Weiliang and Eugene. LoL. Complicated lah.

The 2 JAC. JACk and JACky. LoL.

Sorry. Shaky hands again.

Much much better!

Don't you guys like each other? You guys are libra-ians lehz!

Please look at me TOGETHER. Not the cake. Me!!!!

The wind was rather big that night at Bishan Park. Poor bday guy/gal had to use their hands to cover the candle when I told them specifically to act as if they are blowing at the candle.

Hurry make a wish

This shot is perfect. I wish for world peace? bimbotic.

Gene damn fake lor! At least Sue makes it look more realistic. KNS.

Cut cake lor!!

Gene claims that his knife dropped on the floor? Sigh. Told you so many times don't play liaoz. Tsk tsk tsk.

This was on the white chocolate on the cake. Happy Birthday Libra-ians! That goes out to Nelson Chow too. And Feng. And Donnavan. And whoever is a Libra-ian.

Idiotic Sue kept asking for her present after we distributed the cake. So gave it to her lah. Aiyoh.

No chinchilla. Will bear bear do? Got new bag le, please change your bag!

Liang still can eat after the cake? Salute man. Eat too small sized.

This tee is sooooo Eugene.

Who's the man? Definitely not Eugene. Haha! Kidding kidding. Don't kill my rabbit....

You look great in this tee! Better not grow any fatter le. This tee is so you! Great taste Xueyu! Muahahaha...

Sorry about the finger girl. Really. But the bag looks great. Keke.

Don't like that lah. Everytime you're down, look at the bear bear k? The slogan is for you. Solely for you.

Here's Jacky trying to blow out smoke from his ears. Arab street to smoke shisha!

OK nice ring. LoL. Why are you laughing so hard? Hmmz..

Jacky is Shisha..everyone tried it that night. Huiling first time "smoking". And she coughed. -_-"'re not cut out to smoke. LoL. So many of us there used to be/are still smoking or had smoked before. All except Huiling, Eugene and maybe his gf. Kekeke.

OK I've written everything le. You have alot of things to read le lah okies? Bye!

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