Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10th October 2007, Wednesday

Wedding Needs?

Went Chinatown with my parents on Sunday to get some present for my cousin's wedding. Dad said he bought a very nice red packet (velvet material) at this shop which specialises in wedding stuff. I didn't believe them. That is until they bought me to the temporary market at Chinatown. Thought going eat lunch there. Chey...the shop is there lah.

And I was shocked man! The stall is so obvious! Everything is double happiness.

Inside, outside, everything is double happiness of all shapes and sizes! Ok not so much of the shape though. This is taken on the inside.

You know the Hong Kong people get married always must have 2 coconuts? They provide it here too! In whole packages!! Steady pom pi pi! Mom told me that the owners acually know the pantangs and what-to-do and what-not-tos for every single dialect group! Cool. Wonder if Hainanese has any...hmm...

Want to get nice nice ang paos for your friends? Or just looking for stuff for your wedding? Here got alot of traditional Chinese stuff. Really blew my mind. Saw some cute guys (customers) who were getting stuff for their own wedding. *Awww*

These baskets not to put food de hor! I mean..it's for wedding one lah! Cool hor? They also sell red umbrellas...and soft-toys! All soft toys wearing the traditional Chinese wedding gowns. So cute!

Cool shops do not appear in Orchard Road or Plaza Sing. You've to search for it in the most ulu places you can find. LoL. Chinatown had my eyes on her. Gonna see what else she can offer. Till the next time I go Chinatown!

Pasir Panjang

Went Pasir Panjang after Chinatown. Wanted to buy fruits for my relatives when we go back this Thursday. So went to Pasir Panjang, where all the retailers (correct or not huh)...suppliers are. Most of the stalls are closed. But it was damn cool. Cause on the outside it just looked like any industrial estate. Go in hor, the signs pointed us to fruits, veggies and cold storage rooms.

I got bored and started taking pictures of my baby. My Honda Civic 1.8L iVtec! Kekeke.

Waiting for my mom who was buying melon for me. Oui the melon is damn heavy and damn sweet hor. The supplier we bought it from was actually the supplier for NTUC lor. Hahaha!

These are actually the veggies suppliers.

Not taking the guys. Actually taking the coconuts behind them. Dad drove too fast (10km/hr) and my phone was lagging.

This is the supplier where mom bought my melon from. Mom also bought a couple of oranges and goodness-knows-what. LoL. They are all very sweet. Nah I lied. I only tried the melon. =P

I left the Fruits section behind me and saw this infront. Veggies? Hmm..kangkong!! LoL. Too bad all closed lah. It's Sunday 4pm leh, want to buy also morning buy lah! Kaoz.

A whole lorry-ful of coconuts lehz! Kaoz. First time saw so many coconuts. Kekeke. In total the parking was free cause we were inside within the given allowance time. Kekeke. Muahahahaha....nice place man. Maybe next time go in the morning and see see walk walk. Anyone interested? =]

We went Kallang Airport for teanner. Ate my favourite chee cheong fun! The prawn damn fresh. Too bad didn't take pic cause I left the phone in the car. Ate dumplings (shui jiao), chee cheong fun (2 char siew, 2 prawns), chicken wing (1 for mom 1 for me), an otah each and a glass of sugarcane for me. I am a satisfied girl. But I'm still craving for sheng yu pian. Anyone wana bring me go eat nice nice sheng yu pian or anywhere nice can intro? Keke.

Went over to Still Road to buy my chicken mayo croissont at the NTUC express. But sold out. Went over to Century Square but CS Delifrance closed. Heng mom spotted TM got. So bought 2 tuna mayo and 1 chicky mayo. Tuna for parents and chicky for me! I paid lah. Cannot always spend parents' money, although it's kind of shiok and addictive. Haha! Ok Ok..I guess alot of posts for you guys to read le. *Note to Shannen, must help me reply my orders leh cause Tues then we come back. Haha. Jiayou! And thanks!*

Remember to miss me guys. Me go pak my game le. Oh, bringing my laptop over to Msia but my relatives' house no internet. Will only access internet on Friday, cause will be staying at the hotel after the dinner. Buaiz!

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