Friday, October 12, 2007

Bachelor's Night

I'm at the groom's house now, tapping into someone else's wireless network. Hahaha. Anyway, yesterday was my cousin's "bachelor's night". A tent was set up at his house, and there was catering. We were there at 7+pm. But nobody was there except our own family. Took some snap shots while eating our "dinner".

This is Ah Yi, wife of my cousin Ah An and my dad. An and Yi got married last year in September. Now his wife is 4 months pregnant! Congrats!! They're the ones who alwauys bring me out whenever I come back to Ktn. Cause we are all forbidden to smoke, and An Kor will always drive me and his wife out, catch up on some family gossips and smoke. Haha.

When we reached Kuantan yesterday, I didn't want to go to my aunt's house. So we dropped by the groom's cafe. Yupz, he is the owner of this cafe in Kuantan. Co-owner. He wasn't there though. =(

The groom and An kor! Both are yandaos ok. Poor cousin...this wedding was too rush for him until he actually slimmed down!

This is the photo they put in their room. Not nice

The bride pretty? But too bad I don't really like her. She's a hypocrite. Argh. LoL. As long as my cousin likes I guess. He look really lustful in this pic. =X

Haha..that was the pic from the photo album lah. My aunts said that the album not very nice cause they did not have many poses. And all are indoor one. So boring.

Han Lee kor looks round. And the wife doesn't look like herself. She actually looks better in the pic. Hahaha! Ok she doesn't look like herself

The bigger version. One thing I don't like about this album is, it made her look like some Arabian look alike slut. LoL. So many ding ding dong dong and ling ling long long. Yucks. Don't know focus where. Stupid photographer.

Hmmz...thought the groom and bride not supposed to meet the day before the wedding? Hmmz..Anyway this is the groom and bride without makeup. Looks so different hor? Funny thing is Huiling came over even though she's not supposed to see the groom. Maybe she not pantang ba.

The soon-to-be mom!! Ah Yi..she's a total great wife man. The greatest wife on earth. If all females were to be like her, there'll be no quarrels between husbands and wives anymore. And it's a fact.

The groom acting cute. Buey tahan lehz!! Faint. So old liaoz. Anyway congrats! Or is it condolences? Hahaha!! Private joke. NVM.

The buffet. Our dinner lor. Aiyah only we eating nia. His friends came over to drink and smoke. Damn. I can't smoke openly. Haha.

Groom's mom. My second aunt. Looks like him. Or rather he takes after his mom lah. The mom is so happy about this wedding. So much so it almost looked as though she's marrying the bride, not him. =X

Another photo from their album. He's cute looking. At one period of time I thought he looked like prince William! Muahahahaha.

OK. I've to go make a video clip to play during the dinner. Can't blog le. Ciaoz all!

- 12 October 2007, Friday -

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