Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lack of Updates = Damn Fucking Busy

Was damn fucking busy ever since I came back from Msia. Reached SG at around 6+ pm on Sunday. Had to unpack, change my bedsheet and all. Since Feng not working on Monday, we decided to go walk walk. Went to catch Mr. Woodcock. Damn cock show lah. Not fantastic but not really lame until like fuck. But then really not worth the $7+ spent. Saw my cousin Yeeling at Century Square. Kaoz. Stomach damn big liaoz. Can't wait for her little princess to arrive into our world next month on the 25th. Think Yeeling also can't wait cause she now looks like a very pregnant and plump Elva Hsiao. Yeah yeah, she look like Elva lah. Not I say one. Cause I watched her grow up, therefore I don't think she looks like anyone but herself. =) To me she might even be prettier than Elva. But Feng thinks she looks like Elva, especially during her ROM. LoL.

Tuesday was back to work. Went market to buy breakfast for my colleagues as promised. Xana wasn't around so I tried to cover my work and her work. Shannen helped me abit. Damn busy. Manager called me in and asked me to settle the CARs. Funny. Thought she said she tak boleh tahan will ask someone else do? Apparently, according to my manager, they're not up to my standard yet. H.aha! So, to save her the trouble, she'll give me back all the reports to do. =)

Wanted to upload the slide show I made, but it was too big in size. Sorry. Anyway I need to go sleep le. Try to update again lah hor.

- 17 October 2007, Wednesday -

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