Thursday, October 25, 2007

Different Thinking

Today is the day that me and Feng are together for 19 months. That's 1 year and 7 months. Damn long. *Shouts* I WANT TO GET MARRIED!! LoL. Anyway, thanks dear for being there when I don't need you and not being there when I need you. Just kidding. OK there's some truth. It's ok coz I don't mind. NOT. I sleep you work, you sleep I work. Damn difficult time for us now. Especially when you're working night shift fom Mon - Sat. -_-"

I remember asked Feng something once.

Me: Why you never put my photos on Friendster or WLNY de? Now Facebook also don't have.
Feng: I got your pictures on my mobile what!
Me: So? Don't you want to show the whole world to know how your gf looks like?
Feng: I do but I rarely play with all these what.
Me: I don't care!! Where my photo!! Why you like that de!! Other guys put their gf photo as the profile picture lehz. And they write testimonials! You lehz?! *Pissed*
Feng: Dear...but I face my mobile more than I face the computer. So anytime I miss you I see my mobile phone.
Me: *Pissed*
Feng: You also don't have my picture in your phone.
Me: That's different!!!!!! *Screams*
Feng: Does this mean you don't love me? No right? Same goes for me.
Me: *Speechless*

Come to think of it, think maybe really like that. He faces mobile more than he faces computer, so he puts ALL my photos in his mobile phone. Whereas me, I face computer more than I face my mobile. Maybe that's also why I don't have any picture of him in my phone. ^_^ We're a weird pair of couple.

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