Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday the 26th = Sway

OK you know people always say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? I guess that doesn't work on me. HOWEVER, Friday the 26th is unlucky. Morning I went to work, like normal. My office phone rang when I was chit chatting with my colleagues, I picked up but there was nothing. When I hung up, the phone rang again. Again, nothing. Then my manager shouted in a very angry tone to pick up my call. -_-" Not I don't want, really nothing. It was just a call from a forwarder, informing me that they will be picking up my customer's goods on Monday. WTF. I already know. @#$%^&

Next we went out for lunch. A total of 8 of us. We couldn't find a table to sit together. Damn. And I ordered Ipoh Hor Fun, and what did I see? The vendor sticking his thumb into my gravy. Kaoz. Since not full, went to buy goreng pisang and banana cake. Goreng pisang sucks. The banana is sour, flour is not mixed well and it was tough to bite on. DAMN. Banana cake is FULL OF OIL. I was constantly wiping my lips. I gave up after eating half.

Went back to work, realised the game I was playing earlier in the morning had passed it's trial period. DAMN! Just when I was getting to the fun part. ARGH!! So boh bian start to work cause I saw 30+ unread emails. Grrr.

Pang kang, went home and bathe cause going to Joan's bday chalet. Picked up Feng and went to find James at his block. When parking the worst thing happened. From the day I started driving my baby (and ever since I got my license 4 yrs ago), I had NEVER, EVER gotten into any kind of accidents, be it big or small. The worst was bird shit all over the car and I had to wash it. But today...sigh. Don't know what I doing. I smashed into a lancer when I was parking my car. T_T

I hurriedly parked my car and tend to the damages. It was damn bad. Worse thing is, the car that I smashed into belonged to James' elder bro. Oh dear!! Heng his lancer slight scratches. Mine? The paint were all scratched off the left rear. Heart racing, brain not thinking, gan jeong!! Started screaming at Feng. First fight after I came back from Malaysia. Well done. James living on the 4th storey could hear us fighting somemore. I quickly swept off my paint on the lancer, just in time too! James' elder bro came down 1min after I did that. *Phew* Told James what happened and he assured me shouldn't be a problem over at his side. I called dad and told him I "patched" up the paint job with the bottle of paint in the car. Dad screamed at me and told me not to do it. But it was damn ugly!! Like kena accident! Ok ok..I DID get into a minor accident. ARGH!

Went Joan's bday, celebrated awhile before going down to Grandlink. And a friend (he should know who he is), wanted to join me. But since my car was full, I oculdn't drive him down. So he sms-ed me asking me if I could send him home later. Told him should be. Guess what's his reaction? I quote:

Should be only ah. I boh lui liao leh. Like that I don't want to go down le.

WTF. I AM NOT YOUR CHAUFFER. I send you home out of goodwill. It's not something that I MUST DO. Wake up your idea. As usual, got pissed, so I smsed him anything. He replied something else, but I just couldn't be bothered to return the message.

Left for Grandlink, Feng could only play one match and he was on the opposite team!! And I was totally ignored while they were playing game. *DUH* Yongjin took over my character while I went toilet. Felt so alone man. Today damn sway. Heng nothing happened after 12am. I actually won the last match, even though I was being owned.

Think it's time for me to go bai bai again. Have to save money to do the paint job on my car also....argh!! When the next servicing comes of course. *Sad* I shall proclaim Friday the 26th the sway-est day of my life!!

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