Friday, October 19, 2007

Networking Places

Ok I'm gonna change my format le. Not going to put date and day as title anymore. Guessed people tend to be attracted by the title instead of the contents. LoL. Anyway, just came back from a funeral not long ago. Deepest condolences to 杨少. His mother passed away on 17th afternoon. I learnt that the worst way to pass away is cancer. Yes I know dying it the worst way ANYWAY! But then it's the pain you get when you have cancer. And the medical bills you chalk up..even when you pass away. This is just a general comment. Nothing against cancerous people. My grandmother passed away a few years back due to stomach cancer. I know her pain. Die peacefully or old age...never due to cancer. Cause have to take medication and all, very xing ku. I shall quit smoking...for fear of getting cancer. Someday. =P

OK back to the topic. There are alot of networking places. Durng functions, talks, seminars...all sorts. Including funeral. As I mentioned, went to funeral just now. Since Feng was too tired to accompany me (杨少 is both our friend you see), I went down alone. I know Meng is going to the funeral, so decided to go down since I know someone. But Meng was with his poly classmates. So I LL sit with them at the same table. I was sitting in between Meng and another guy who is working for Hitachi Cable. Meng was asking me if my company could supply some components that his customer is looking for (networking #1). I told him to visit my company's website for catalogue. As time goes by, I started chatting with the rest of the people at the same table. All were classmates of Meng and 杨少. The Hitachi guy was real funny. He asked Meng for namecard and they exchanged (networking #2). Then Meng gave me his also. And I always wondered what my namecards were for. Haha. Anyway I didn't bring my namecard down lah.

The Hitachi guy (sorry didn't know his name and didn't get his namecard. He claimed that namecards are for him to write notes on. LoL) went off and Meng went to get something from another friend. So the table left me and another guy. We were chatting about studying..he's studying in SIM under RMIT, and I was mentioning to him that I am starting my classes at SIM in Jan. (Opps..think I forgot to update you guys. I was accepted into Uni SIM under the course of Bsc in Electronics. Yeah me.) Then we were chatting about work, and he gave me his namecard (networking #3). His company is dealing with cables, which my company does provide some components that he can use. So we started discussing how he would get RFQ from me and he'll outsource and let my company be in their company's AVL (think it stands for Authorise Vendor List). So I came home after the funeral, and I emailed him. Using my company's email of course. I can access my company's email from home by the way. I emailed him and Meng my company's website and told them to look at our catalogue. If need anything call me at my office and/or email me. =P

Too bad I didn't bring my namecards. Note to self: bring namecards wherever I go.

i have too many namecards that I need to dispose of get rid of distribute. I can't give my namecards to the same customer 2 times right? LoL. And I don't have THAT much customers. Although I am *ahem* top sales..LoL. Self proclaimed. Just happened that my customers buy more. That's all. =P

So to all out there who has namecards, drop me a tag, and maybe we can exchange namecards and network. Haha! Everywhere also can network one. And I'm not being disrespectful to my friend's mother. I'm just making a random blog.

- 19th October 2007, Friday -

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