Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Stickman

Muahahahaha. Was hooked onto Facebook recently. Even got Shannen hooked onto it as well. So I was drawing on my Graffiti Wall about how I feel each day. Yesterday was feeling tired so I drew a stickman resting on the table. colleague asked me what the blue color thing is. I told her it's drool. Hahahaha. Shannen said it was damn cute. Thanks thanks!

This morning vomitted, so I took 30mins time off to rest at home. Was feeling sick. So I drew this. LoL. Too bad I'm not like my stickman, resting at home. I'm at work...and alot of things are piling up. And as work piles up...

Headache occurs! Argh...head pain pain. Headache is developing le....shitz.

Anyway I'm not trying to be like Bitter Stickgirl. Her's more pro cause she got touchup. Mine is use mouse draw de. She use pencil draw de. Very big difference. LoL. K lah I go get my ass back to work le!

- 18 October 2007, Thursday -

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