Monday, October 22, 2007

Rainy Day = Moody

It's raining. And I don't feel like getting up for work. Damn moody. Maybe due to the row I had with mom last night over the wedding dinner. Not my wedding dinner lah. I justs didn't feel like going out on a Sunday night. Furthermore wasn't feeling well. Decided to stay home. Mom just started screaming and saying that I'm selfish...blah blah blah. I was like WTF. I never said I wanted to go. I did not have a choice. Since I want to stay home, also cannot? Mom blew it out of proportion. She screamed and said that during my wedding she's not going to invite any of my relatives. JUST BECAUSE I HAD REFUSED TO GO TO THE WEDDING DINNER LAST NIGHT. I was hurt. I went into my room and cried.

After mom and dad left, I watched High School Musical II and played game. Went to bed at 11pm and they were still not back yet. Thank God I didn't go. Else sure sleep very late. They came home at 1130pm. Am still having cold war with mom. What she said is really hurting. Damn hurting. Fuck the person who was having wedding dinner at Mariott Hotel last night. I don't see you contacting my mom since young. Suddenly I realised you were in Singapore all the while when I didn't know you exist. I believe if your daughter is not getting married you won't contact us also. Thanks for nothing. FUCK YOU. May you die in eternal hell. Go rot away.

- 22 October 2007, Monday -

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