Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Quotes

Birds where got lay eggs one

- Huiling -

Since I am coughing, then I order hot ice kachang lor

- Some kid -

Don't drive too fast. Just step on the accelerator until you cannot step anymore

- Dad -

Don't eat too much, you're getting fat. Would you want another plate of rice?

- Mom -

Are you married? No? Then I call you jiejie lor

- Faith -

Smoke also get cancer, don't smoke also get cancer...I rather smoke

- Me -

Hitachi is not a fucked up company. Because I am not a fucked up employee.

- Meng's friend -

Big orange really big

- Jacky -

I am busy. I'm playing game, reading my personal emails and working at the same time

- Me -

- 22 October 2007, Monday -

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