Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who is The Click Five?

Was watching the news last night and they reported The Click Five visiting SJC (St Joseph Convent). What greeted the screen of my tv were bunches of screaming girls. Either I'm too old or I've lost touch with the "IN" singers. Who the hell (sorry about the language) is TCF? Whatever happened to Take That (I know they disband a long time ago), PJ and Duncan (whatever happened to them?), Boyzone (MY personal favourite..wonder what happened), 911 and blah blah blah? The Backstreet Boys (whom the China people named them as 后街男孩 and whom my frens "affectionately" refers them as the Backside Boys) seemed to have vanished together with many other groups that were formed back then.
Was reading the Yahoo news online just now and the news of TCF surprising SJC was covered. Read all about it here. While reading, something caught my eyes. ’The Muttons’ was mentioned in the news and this got me thinking. Who the hell is The Muttons? Another group? Or what? So I went to search the internet. Guess who ’The Muttons’ are? They are a couple of DJ, Justin Ang and Vernon A from 98.7FM in fact. -_-"

So who are TCF? They are a new group apparently. Formed in 2005? Read about TCF here.

I don't remember pop stars/groups going to Secondary school for visits. Damn. Back in my days, we can only listen to them. And I don't remember being so crazy over the boy bands back then. We were busy studying for our 'O's you see. The 2 girls actually can delegate their time to study AND chasing their pop idol. Steady pom pi pi.

Damn. Think I go listen to my BEP or Linkin Park or Avril Lavigne. I'm too old for new blood.

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