Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've Ad!

Just when I was deciding to remove the Nuffnang thing on my blog in the coming Monday, I saw this:

I have ad!! I finally, finally have ad!! After all the big hoo ha-s about Nuffnang, I was ready to give it up. Really. I've put up Nuffnang's logo on my blog ever since I read it on Xiaxue's blog a couple of months ago. And I didn't get ANY adverts. I do mean nothing. I was rather dishearted when I daw a couple of my friends having adverts on their blog when they had put it up in a shorter time than me and having lower amount of people visiting their blog.

I was feeling cheated and felt it was unfair to me. I mean, Nuffnang reported that they have 4,000 members in SG. When will it be my turn? After reading so many stories about Nuffnang and how they handled these adverts, I wrote a letter through the Nuffnang website.

Click to see larger image

Well, I hung around and finally got what I wanted. This ad is going to run until 24th November. We shall see if there's any more ads after this. I just wana thank them for the ad. Finally extra money (no matter how measely) to go towards my transport to and fro school. LoL. Somemore this ad is from my favourite HP brand. Keke. Way to go Nuffnang! Jiayou! Bring in more adverts lah. ^_^

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