Sunday, November 18, 2007

Full Sunday

Dad brought me and mom to Expo after dropping my computer at Challenger Simei. We went to the foodfair and OMG!! There are just so many things to eat!!

Just look at the list of exhibitors!! Woah!! Heaven!! Now that I'm roughly recovered, I went around buying all sorts of food. I bought a mixture of mini cocktail sausages for $3 (which I forgot to take the pic) and 10 chicken meatballs for $3 (I love meat!! I forgot to take pic also, too busy eating). Dad bought the Jap veggies with salmon (can't remember the name. Those that we can get at pasar malam also). After finishing my meatballs, I went on to buy oyster mee suah ($3) and shared it with my parents. Then I wanted to queue up to buy kueh tu pie when a sign caught my eye. Peking duck. *Drools*

Dad holding my peking duck ($6 for 5 pc) and my kueh tu pie ($2 for 4 pc). I still prefer Thomas' mother's kueh tu pie. She makes it nicer and crunchier. Auntie, I missed your kueh tu pie! Can I have it for CNY? LoL.

We walked around and bought many things. Mom was buying Tat Hua sauces when I realised her tee is the same color as those at the booth. Kekekeke. Mom bought like 6 bottles of different sauces. *Faint*

Dad was getting pissed cause we kept passing him the stuff we bought. We left after I bought my Orh Ni (aka yam paste for $2). These are the stuff we bought. I bought the Marigold tea. Not bad..not too sweet and good for health.

We left at about 730pm. But we weren't too hungry and weren't too full, therefore I suggested going to somewhere near our place. Went to Ah Nam kopidiam at Kaki Bukit. It's famous for the seafood. Went there once for lunch and ate the abalone noodles. Not bad.

Our dinner. Gan Lao Hor Fun in the background and the tofu. The stupid tofu cost $18 lor! But got bits of abalone and seacucumber inside lah. And it's really very soft. But I do not think it's worth $18. Whole dinner costs $26. OK lah. Gotta bathe le. LoL. Tomorrow is a Monday!! Argh...kinda start to feel blue le....... =[

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