Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Blues...

Someone once asked me why work can't start on Tuesday instead and end on Friday? In this way we can skip the Monday blues. I replied that by then we won't have Monday blues but Tuesday blues.

Sheesh. Today Eileen never come work. She was having a bad case of migraine and Xana is on 1 week MC before she goes for operation. I've to cover Xana's work today, on top of the CAR (corective action reports) that I still owe my manager. Really no mood to work. Just wish I am home right now, playing my games. *Sigh*

Wanted to take MC early in the morning..but I dragged myself out of the bed and started doing everyday stuff. In a blur. I don't really remember what happened from the moment I woke up until I reached office. It's all in a daze. Think I lack of sleep. Need to sleep early tonight. *Yawn*

7 more minutes to the end of my lunch and it's back to work! ARGH!!!! I need to take a break...but manager just informed all of us in a short meeting this morning that all leave from today onwards will not be approved until Xana comes back. And we're required to do OT if we can't finish our work as well as Xana's. No OT pay...sigh. I just wana lie on my bed and hug my pillows to sleep. (Yes yes, pillows. I don't like bolsters, therefore I've 3 pillows) *Dream*

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