Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Photos of Haoran

Atomic members at the Singapore Zoo. I didn't attend cause I couldn't wake up in time. They met up at 10am at AMK, and I woke up at 11am. After Jacky called me. Steady right? Should have went, then can have pictures with Haoran.....

One of his many funny reactions....

Prem and Haoran

At John's 21st birthday celebration at East Coast chalet. I look damn fat last time. Argh. John, make sure I don't snack everytime I go lecture ok!

Candid camera? Sigh.

Haoran, me and Philip. Yes yes, I know I'm damn fat. Aren't you jealous that although I'm fat, I'm surrounded by guys? =P

Birthday boy John, with Haoran. See..he's our favourite guy in our course. Cause he really brought alot of laughter into our lives.

This is the nicest pic I have with him, alone.

All photos here are courtesy of John's own collection. Thanks John for sharing. And actually reminding me that I DID have a solo pic with Haoran. Else I'll just regret that I didn't take any photos with him. Thanks. You've made my day slightly easier to pass...missing you, Haoran.

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