Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wrong Gathering

Yesterday there was gathering. A small gathering of TP MIE grads. About 11 of us were there, excluding the partners. But it was for a wrong cause. We were at Sin Ming Drive to send Haoran off on his last journey.

I picked Liang and John up after my visit to the dentist. We took a wrong exit and ended up at Stevens Drive. But we did a U-turn and went back on the right track. I left home at 7:20pm and we only reached the funeral parlour at 8:30pm. Hanjie, Yan Na and Meng Lei were there already. Our lecturers, Mr Andrew Tham and Mr Ng Kee Wee had left. We waited for the sermon (is that what Catholics call the service of the funeral?) to be over. It ended around 9+pm. Cibao and Jeremy (Cibao's husband) arrived shortly after me, followed by Weiming who came after work and Edina and bf and another girl whose name I do not know.

For other coursemates who weren't there, the cause of the death...well...let's just keep it at the fact that he died peacefully in the sleep. Hope he'll be happy up in the Heavens.

After we walked round the coffin, I couldn't help but cry after looking at him. Nvm. But what is different from this funeral to the others that I'd been was that the parents actually sit near the coffin and thank you for coming. And you've the shake both parents' hands. The mother grabbed mine very tightly as if she didn't want to let go of a human touch. My condolences to both parents.

Anyway, think his coffin is already sealed cause he's going to be cremated at 11:45am. Take care Haoran. You'll always be our friend and a memory in our hearts. Bless your parents when you're in Heaven and be happy. I'll be missing you. When my mom asked me why I was so late back home (I was home at about 11:30pm), I told her, "Mum. When you lose a close friends, you just have the urge to keep your current friends closer. So we all sat at a table and started chatting. That's why I'm late."

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