Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My First Sex Experience

There aren't alot of virgins in Singapore anymore. Most females are non-virgins or they die trying not to be a virgin. Whatever. There are still some who want to keep it for the special one on their special night. Not me. I am too curious for that. And it doesn't help that most of my girlfriends are non-virgin and everytime they talk about sex I blush. So I did it.

I lay on the bed and he came towards me. He tried to take off my underwear but me being first timer, I fumbled around and he almost gave up. Then he off the lights, but I turned it back on cause I couldn't see a thing in the dark. He then took off my specs, which I struggled to put on without him noticing. His face neared mine and lips were close to mine when I started coughing, saliva flying all over his face. "So sorry baby!" He wiped it off and smiled at me. He led my hand to his manhood but my nails accidentally scratched him when I was trying to pull down his shorts. He gave up. So did I.

What you're reading above is just a test. Are you really interested in sex stories only? LoL. Hmm..shall see if this gets to the top 10 ping of Thanks for helping. HAhaha!! You're conned. Kekekeke. Don't hate me now...just doing a survey..... =]

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