Thursday, November 22, 2007

Xueyu82 is more attractive than DK!

We were all chatting in the shoutbox yesterday evening. We, being arzhou, Xizor, foxtwo and pinklittlefigure. Someone commented that it is easy to get into the top 10 at, as long as your title has the word 'sex', 'naked', 'pussy' or something related. So me and arzhou got into a "battle". Or rather we were trying to do a survey. He wrote an article about DK being naked. Read the article here.

We wanted to see who could bring in more pongs. Sorry to those who were "captured and cheated" to come read about my sex experience, only to find out that it's a scam. Muahahaha! It's so personal! I won't disclose it..especially when so many of my friends are reading my blog too. LoL. When I came office this morning, I login to and what did I see?

I AM TOP!! I won arzhou!! Keke. Arzhou is in number 4 and me in number 1! What I said last evening is now justified! People are more interested with the word 'sex', 'naked', 'pussy' and so on. Just look at those that I highlighted. At least 5 articles have stuff that associate with those things. LoL.

I HAVE 185 PONGS!! That brought up my usual average of 2.1 pongs to a 4.4 pongs!! *Faint* You guys are really more interested in me than DK right? =P Muahahahahaha. Just kidding just kidding. And do you know that my average of 30 readers per day had shot up the the first time high last night?

I HAD 218 hits!! OMG!!!

Therefore this concludes my survey. People are more interestsed in sex, naked, pussy, upskirt and downblouse etc!! OMG. Why are you guys so curious about others having sex yet not dare discuss with your friends? Sheesh. Anyway thank you guys for helping me with the "survey"! =P


Rachel said...

I don't know your motivation for highlighting my posts too, but my posts have always been honest to their post titles, meaning that I don't give a saucy title just to take readers for a ride, except for humour related articles like the "I also have a Sexy Sister" post.

The human phenomenon is not unique only in If you look at the news and the general blogosphere, it is human nature to be drawn to topics like sex, money, improvement (that's why top 5 and top 3 tips articles are popular) and scandals draw people in naturally. It is Human Nature after all, be it Ping, China or Timbucktoo.

Joycie said...

It is proven! Sg-reans are sex deprived! Hohoho!