Friday, November 23, 2007

Naked and Nude Takes Top

Yesterday me and foxtwo each had a post. His was about nude thumbnails and mine was about naked pussy. Again, (although this wasn't done on purpose for survey) these topics topped the most popular blog for the last 24hrs on

All we did were being truthful. Mine was really a pic about a naked pussy(cat) and his was about thumb-nails. But apparently people who read these think otherwise and (maybe) were hoping for something else. LoL.

The article about my first sex experience actually generated 269 pongs as of this morning. And the naked pussy..well, had only 124. I guess Singaporeans are not really used to the words like pussy or cunt or shaft. LoL. I guess must be more explicit. Have to use words like sex or upskirt or naked or topless. LoL.

Apparently I did not generate the most readers on Wednesday. On Wed I only had 218 readers. But yesterday, it was a total of 258. If only these readers would keep coming in..and maybe, just maybe..I can quit my job and be a full time blogger like Xiaxue. Kekeke. Just dreaming. Quit my job to study more like it. =]

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