Monday, November 26, 2007

Friday Prata

I am sooooooooooooo sleepy now. Woke up 30mins earlier than usual. Somemore today is Monday! Argh. Anyway, didn't sleep much over the weekend, so now very tired. Oh yah! I went to have prata with Sue last Friday. Went to pick up Sue at about 7:20pm. Heng TPE no traffic jam..although there was an accident. 4 cars bang together. LoL. Reached her place le but she went to bathe!! So boh bian, waited for her downstairs. And got bored. So I started taking pic of myself. LoL.

I just couldn't tahan and decided to go up and use her toilet. But when I came out from the lift, her dog couldn't stop barking. ARGH!! Scary. Waited for her to come out of the bathroom and called her to lock up her dog. Went in and was out in about 15min. Went Jalan Kayu for prata!! *Hungry* 7+pm almost 8 le lehz!

Some prefer the one near the carpark. Sue brought me here and personally I prefer this one. My ex-colleagues from Motor Traders used to bring me here for supper after work too. The prata is damn nice. Although a tad expensive but still nice. LoL. *Drools* I got us a seat and Sue went to order. I told her that I wanted a cheese and mushroom prata. Guess what she got me?

A cheese prata and a mushroom prata. *Faint* No wonder she complained to me that the mushroom very ex and she didn't have enough cash. But then it was really heavenly. Thinking of asking Feng to go with me this Friday. Kekeke. The whole prata all got mushroom one ok. I didn't take pic cause I was too busy eating and catching up with Sue. Not forgetting I still have to meet up with Huiling to get my G2000 member card back as well as my dota session at 9pm. (I was damn late that day...didn't get to meet up with Huiling and me, Sue and her bro reached Grandlink around 940pm).

My blur girl with her prata. She is one satisfied girl that night after her prata session. The prata damn shiok! *Drools drools* But then the teh tarik CMI lor. I drank about 2 mouthfuls and just walked away. LoL. Should have drank canned drinks instead.

This is our bill. Mine totaled up to...
1 mushroom prata - $4
1 cheese prata - $2.70
1 teh tarik - $2
Total - $8.70

FWAH!! Expensive man!! But the prata damn worth it. LoL. After dinner went to pick up her bro and it was a fun DotA night man! Although I lost all 5 games, but the supper (breakfast?) at 4+am was worth it. LoL. Went to bak kut teh at Alan's place (it's at Joo Chiat) and I had the whole pot of "special" to myself! Apparently nobody loves the special bak kut teh, so I drank it all myself. I reached home at 530am that day. I am a tired but satisfied girl. LoL. I want prata again this week! Who wana join me?


DK said...

I feel that the prata there so so only. Still prefer the one at Fong Seng. :D

Xueyu said...

@ DK: Huh where where? This one not bad...nice and crispy...