Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Online Shopping

Recently, many blogs are set up to sell stuff like clothes, shoes, bags, belts and so on. I myself had bought a few hp accessories, games and a tee (once only). I never bought any of the cutie pie tops before. Mainly cause my idea is that the clothes have to tried on before I make any purchase. By telling me the size, and length and width, I am unable to see how the clothes is gonna hang on me. And can I fit inside? I'm not finding excuses not to part with my hard earned money lah. Cause I'm big sized. There I said it. I'm not those kind of small sized people. With my height at 170cm and my big bone (thanks to my dad and mom who are big sized people as well), I usually need a M sized or L sized clothes. In my fattest period, I was donning a XL size sometimes. In my slimmest period, a M size is sufficient. But usually I'll wear a L size. That's why I need to test on the clothes before I buy. And that is also why I can't buy online.

Anyway, not purchasing online also good lah. Apparently you'd need to part with the money before goods are shipped. And sometimes you really need a trust there. But sometimes you trust the wrong person. What seemed to be a normal online shopping turned out to be a scam to cheat you of your money. Your hard-earned/savings. According to the SPF story, this couple set up a couple of blogs at and to cheat people out of their money when they shop online. A couple of guy friends and a couple of my colleagues told me once before; 女人的钱最容易骗 (woman's money is easiest to cheat). But too bad they can't cheat me out of mine. LoL. Basically cause I'm too fat/big sized to buy any of their clothes. This is when I'm happy to say that my fats had saved my money. =P

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