Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wisdom No More

This entry has some disturbing pictures. Treat this as a warning. As you guys know lah hor, I'm afraid of injection needles. Very afraid. And guess what? Just last Fri, I had 4 injections on my upper gum to extract 2 of my upper wisdom teeth. For someone who just extracted 2 wisdom teeth, I must be crazy to extract my last wisdom tooth yesterday. (I had my first wisdom tooth extraction last year in April)

Yupz, I went to extract my last wisdom tooth last night. My appointment was at 5pm, when I reached there, I was told mine is pushed back and there are 2 more patients before me. Seeing it as a chance to go have my favourite junk food before my extraction, I pulled my mom to Macs and ordered a double cheeseburger meal. =P I waited until 615pm before the dentist took x-ray of my tooth.

Tadah!! Can you see my tooth? The wisdom tooth that is. I'm not allowed to have this x-ray cause I was using my Medishield to pay for this operation.

If you notice..the one "lying" down is actually my wisdom tooth. It's growing towards my last tooth instead of growing upright. Therefore it needed operation.

Having taken our my first wisdom tooth, I knew roughly what to expect. So I thought. The dentist started numbing my gums to prepare me for my injections. Initially I counted...but by the 6th injection, I lost count. Somewhere during the operation, where he was trying to cut my tooth, I had felt pain. So he gave me another injection. Or 2. I don't know. I couldn't feel the injection. Anyway I was keeping my eyes closed during the whole operation and tried to think of other stuff other than how many times the dentist was trying to drill and extract my tooth. Last Friday extract also not that painful. But then last Friday extract no operation needed.

Anyway, before he stitched me up, he gave me another injection cause I complained of pain. I was supposed to have 3 stiches only, but in the end I had 4. The wife wasn't making things easy for me. Throughout the operation she kept telling me what the dentist is doing, how wide he's cutting my gum, what it looks like...blah blah blah. She even asked me to see my wound before the dentist stich it up. -_-" I don't want to know lehz. Throughout the whole hour I was inside (yes, it ended at 720pm, slightly more than an hour), I kept telling myself this is the last wisdom tooth. I do not need to extract it anymore. The ordeal is finally over.

After the operation, I still couldn't feel any pain, due to the number of injections I have. So much so until my ear also no feeling. Since I didn't want to take my tooth back (it's in so many pieces...kaoz), I decided to take picture. Ehh, the dentist's wife suggested I take de lah. So what you're going to see abit er xin and bloody.

The dentist told me he had to cut my tooth in 3 portions (look like more lehz) and it was very stubborn. The tooth had grown too deep inside and too close to my last tooth. So this operation took very long. -_-" I'm just glad that it's over.

Dad came to pick us up (cause I'm so lazy to walk home) and by the time I reach home, the medication starts to wear off and I started feeling pain. I took out the cotton bud I was biting and it was filled with blood. I ate my medication (3 types) and I laid on my sofa and watched tv. By 8+pm, I was feeling pain and tears just kept on flowing. I went to the toilet and tried spitting out my saliva, but I couldn't. The pain was excrutiating. I was bleeding again. I gargled my mouth with ice water in hope to clog up my blood and then went to my bedroom to rest. Feng came over and since I couldn't talk, I had to type whatever I wanted to say on my hp and show it to him. I fially realised how a person who suddenly lost the voice feels.

I tried to sleep and woke up many times in the night to feel pain on my left lower jaw. I kept telling myself that I had been through this before and that by the next day, my face will be swollen but the pain will subside. Wanted to wake up to eat my medication, but really damn pain. Any movement, including walking, will cause pain in my gum where the tooth used to be. Not exaggerating. This is my worse pain ever.

Woke up at 8+ am this morning and this is what greeted me when I saw myself in the mirror.

My jaw and lips are swollen!!! ARGH!!!! I am no longer pretty!! I still couldn't swallow my saliva without feeling pain. I took a very long time before I went to gargle my mouth with listerin. Seriously. Can't open my mouth.

This is how I look like now. Damn ugly. ARGH!!! I have 6 days mc. My father took one look at me and said no wonder the dentist gave me 6 days mc. It was more swollen than the last time. Last tooth le. After 1 week, I can smoke again. And dad promised to bring me eat peking duck and shark's fin. Just one more week of pain. Just hoped that stupid pain will go away. Just weighed myself, I had already lost 1KG. On the bright side, treat this as a diet time ba. Whole day only ate a bowl of mushy porridge cause can't open my mouth too wide. Had to swallow instead of chew. I'm so kelian. Yet I'm a brave girl. The ordeal is over. Finally over.

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