Monday, November 5, 2007

Stupid Rain

Friday my dad was on leave. And he didn't pick me or mom up. Therefore whole day (minus the time where he drove me to work), the car was in the carpark. For the whole day the car was exposed to dust and bird poops. Sat we went out. The whole car was covered in dust, water stains (Friday small drizzle) and bird shits. Damn those stupid birds. Must complain to GRC and ask them to "move" the trees further in. I told my dad that the car is hideous. It looks disgraceful. Argh.

My dad likes to wash his own car. He'll take an hour to 2 hours just to wash the car. He don't trust the Bangala who is paid $30/mth to wash any car because he uses one pail of soapy water to wash all the cars in the carpark. My dad doesn't trust the manual car wash at the petrol kiosks. He claimed that the same cloth is used over and over again, and if there are any tiny stones stuck on the cloth, his car will be scratched.

Anyway, dad didn't want to wait for the car wash on Sat. So guess who had to bring it to the wash on Sunday? Me. I went Tampines to clean up the car before dropping by Meixia's house for the housewarming. AND I WAS STUCK IN THE CARWASH FOR AN HOUR. Not really stuck lah. More like queue up and everything. ONE HOUR LEHZ! Singaporeans don't wash their own cars one meh?! Kaoz. But it was damn cool. Haha! Nice gleaming car after the wash, reached Meixia's house at around 2:40pm. Then blah blah blah.

Night time went to meet Shuen and Co. at Macs. Around 11pm we left. Why? Cause it was raining. HEAVILY. Bloody hell. I just spent $6 washing my car that very afternoon!! ARGH!!!!!! Now there's water stains all over again. Fuck the weather. @#$%^&

I'm never, ever, gonna bring the car for a wash anymore. Wasted my money and my time. What for? Grrr

- 05th November 2007, Monday -

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