Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cost of Marriage

OK eversince I went to meet up with Erin on Tuesday, I've been complaining about how much the wedding is gonna cost. Damn expensive. Especially for the guy. Let's break down k? So you guys can have an agaration on how much to save for the wedding. (Jason says chao chao 5 figure)

Engagement Ring (proposal ring) - Unless your gf don't mind, but one stupid diamond ring that looks nice (and with a visible diamond) costs from 1K onwards. (Erin's one at least 2K+++, diamond damn big. *Jealous*) Guys, it is wiser to buy the Brilliant Rose cause if I'm not wrong, it actually has value as years go by and can exchange for another diamond ring every year. IF I'm not wrong. Go check it and ask properly.

ROM - Some people invite the Justice of Marriage (whatever they're called, I call them the ROM people) to chalets or elsewhere and there's always buffet. Erin is holding her ROM during the dinner itself. So friends, TRY TO BE THERE EARLY. Buffet, say $13/pax, invite 30 (min 30 pax then they deliver anyway, some 25 can le), that's $390. Invite the JOM dunno how much. Didn't ask. If you're booking chalet, that's another fee of $50/night? My cousin had it at Amara Hotel, 5 tables of buffet. Buffet at hotel about $40 - $70/pax (depending on the food and hotel).

Wedding Photos - Some might want to take wedding photo album. Whatever you call that. Due to the sensitivity, I will not post the amount that Erin is having for her package. But it does varies from $2K++ to $10K++. Depends on how many picture you want for your album, how many gowns, indoor/outdoor shoot and etc. I was approached many times by those $5K+ de. Colleagues told me no need to do so ex. Cause you put it to show during your wedding dinner, and then stuff it somewhere in your house after everyone is done looking at it.

Wedding Gowns - I learnt alot of "terms" when I went with Erin to the fitting. There's MTM(Made to Measure) which will definitely cost more (unless you know how to bargain and if the shop actually has this "facility") and off the rack etc. How many gowns does the bride needs for her wedding day? Morning 2? Night 2? It's all extra cost if you intend to use more. Anyway for the dinner itself, people where got so free to actually stand up everytime you come back to the ballroom from your change of clothes? Save it for the photoshoot lah. Morning 2, at night wear one from the morning and the evening gown can le.

Hotel/Restaurant - The cost of hotel packages are damn expensive. When I was in my teens, min $300 - $700. Last year when I got together with Feng, his friend went for bridal gown fitting so I was sitting there looking at the bridal mag. The hotels around city area about $700+ min. This year, Erin told me hers cost $900+. ON A WEEKDAY. MONDAY. She scouted some hotel and found that Swissotel is one of the cheaper ones around and ballroom damn glam. So is the suite that they gave her. *Whines* Me wana stay in the suite!! Colleagues told me that must book 1 year in advance, cause cheaper. The nearer you are to the date, the more expensive. Erin told me she booked hers BEFORE the GST hike. Now with the GST hike of 7%, well, good luck. Don't worry, just pray hard that your friends are giving you big ang paos. Cause you only need to pay for the wedding dinner AFTER the dinner itself. Beforehand only need to pay deposit. Deposit about $3K - any amount you want lah. People, when giving ang pao, please give more lah. Everything increase but ang pao don't increase. Sad man.

Misc - Of course there are hidden costs lah. Like the bride and groom's shoes (buy yourself one hor), the makeup artist on the day itself, the hair stylist, the photographer ($700+/day), the shirt/pants for the groom (bridal shop only loan coat for the grooms), jewellery (can loan from bridal shop), car (if you got your own nice nice car easier), ang paos for the jie meis/xiong dis/younger siblings/cousins and etc etc.

For Teochew, because you've to pick up the bride early, it's gonna be extra cost for the makeup artist, hair stylist and photographer. I know cause Jason is Teochew and I've to sleepover at Erin's house. He's picking her up between 4am - 7am. Poor Rin. She has to wake up at 3am? Think no need sleep le lah. Can keep her awake liaoz. Hiaks. This Sat gotta go find shoes for her. They have no time to go shopping. Poor things. Hope I can find her the shoes she wants. *Hugz Rin* Love you darling!! So happy for you! *And jealous at the same time* =]

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