Monday, December 10, 2007

AUS or SG?

After much thinking and snubbing by my poly classmates, I've decided to forgo studying at UniSIM. It's not that I can't afford my first semester fee of $5.9K. It's just that I cannot afford studying for 4 years (that's the time I give myself to complete the course if I study. The course is 3 - 8 years). I'll be 26 next year, and by the time I finish my course, say in 4 years (not confirmed one somemore), I'll be 30. It'll be very difficult for me to find a job. How to save money during these 4 yrs if I'm studying and paying for my school fees? Sigh.

Should I regret not studying in poly? Nopes. Cause what is done is already done. What I can do now is to just look forward and do better. I searched the whole morning and I was greeted with bad news. Bsc in Electronics require 3 - 4 years of studying. *Faint* I'll be old!!! I approached many of my friends who had went to Aust for degree studies. Meixia went to Aust about....3 - 4 years ago. Her school fees and expenses in total is about SGD$28K. Kevin just came back from Aust this year and he spent a total of about SGD$36K. *Faint faint* Then my savings where got enough!! LoL.

Meixia told me to look for agency which will help me with all the things that need to be done; the registration, the lodging, the air tickets etc. She introduced IDP and Andre introduced Hui & Kuah. Seriously, I went to Hui and Kuah before and the people there are very helpful. Even though I wasn't intending on going to Aust study then, they served me and answered all my queries.

In the afternoon, I wrote an email to Hui and Kuah, asking for advice of school available and the duration. Philip Kuah, one of the owners, replied me. He replied as follow:

Schools Available: Griffith University
Courses Available: Bachelor of engineering (Microelectronics)
Duration of Course: 4-years (before exemptions)
Actual duration will be assessed on a case by case basis - The University requires the full course details of what you have coveed in your polytechnic diploma
School Fees:A$19120 per year
Expenses Fees: Estimated Living Expenses - at least A$12,000 per year

Damn expensive hor? I then replied him saying that Griffith Uni is not recognised by the government and guess what? He replied that also. He suggested that I study at Uni of Adelaide. Hmmz..this is a recognised establisment. He even told me that he'll send me the brochures today. Talk about efficiency lehz!!

I told my parents just now regarding the studies. Dad told me to "write a proposal" to him. The cost of study, what I'm going to do there, the living expenses, etc etc. Then my mom butted in and told me to study in New Zealand instead. -_-" I've a cousin who is staying there, so mom suggested I stay with her to save on my expenses. I'm paying for my own expenses you see. As for school fees, I'm loaning from my dad first. Sigh. Shall see how. Find one Sat go down to Hui and Kuah. As for UniSim, I'm definitely not taking it. ^_^