Monday, December 10, 2007

Sights You Don't See Everyday

Was walking home last week (when it wasn't raining as hard as this week) with wind blowing in my hair. I saw a mother with her kids on the grassland next to my block and they were trying to raise the kites. Yes kites.

I guess not many kids nowadays would like to play with kites. With PSP and PS3 and Xbox, why is there a need to go into the cold wind and run with some stupid paper stuck on sticks behind you? See this kid, he's playing and enjoying himself.

The mother managed to bring back her childhood memories too! Who says kite flying is for kids and kids only?

There's a canal just a few metres away from my block and there used to be flatted factories opposite my block. They were all demolished and now a huge field provided a space for Indians to play cricket every Sunday and a group of males for soccer practice. What I saw that day was an old man with his grandchildren, each carrying a kite crossing the bridge to the small space next to my block. To fly kite I guess. =]

Don't play play ah. This uncle's kite is so big lor. Looks so professional. Even his grandchildren's kite are so big!

This is definitely a sight you don't see often. How often do you see people flying kites at your block? I really want to fly kite too. The last time I flew a kite was when I was 13 years old. Wonder how many adults share the same thinking of wanting to fly a kite yet too paiseh to do so? Maybe I'll fly it sometime next week. Maybe.

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