Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Card Writing

I finished writing all my Xmas cards yesterday. Those that will be sent today that is. I wrote a total of 27 cards, each with either a hand drawn mistletoe or Xmas tree.

With the fast growing technology, it is so much simpler to send an e-card to friends. But then my rule is NEVER send e-card on Xmas cause it lacks of human touch. I do not send to all of my friends. Just to those that I do still keep in contact occassionally. To those who did not give me your address yesterday, too bad for you.

I like to write thank you-s in the cards to thank my friends for everything in the past year. And now, I've 27 cards to paste my stamps on and to write my return address. I do not expect any cards back, cause this is my way to show that my friends are not forgotten. It's nice to receive Christmas cards in December, instead of the usual bills, bills and more bills. It's nice isn't it?

But then I also learnt something. DO NOT write Xmas card until the last minute! It resulted in my fingers being sore and tired this morning that my typing speed was actually affected. To those who did not receive my card, a Merry Christmas to you!

Update: Thanks Shannen for helping me paste the return address on each envelop! *Muacks*