Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Party Menu

I am so counting down to Christmas!! Christmas eve that is. Although I am working (@#$%^) on Xmas eve until 6pm, I will still coordinate the party, which will be held at my block!! Just look at the menu!!

There might be lamb ribs as well. Provided I can find it. LoL. I will be marinating all of these. Hey those who never eat the things I cooked before, don't ask if it is edible ok!! I started cooking since age 11!! Hmph! Of course I can cook! At least I have one loyal fan, Suefong!! Keke.

Seriously I can't wait! Tonight is my company's D&D. Hope I win the top 3 prizes, so I can spend more and treat my friends to an unforgettable Christmas eve!! Christmas time is a time to share. I will share my prize money by buying more food or what so ever. Will even buy a bottle of red wine for my parents to enjoy. =P WISH ME LUCK!!