Friday, December 28, 2007

Crab Got How Many Legs?

On Christmas Eve, Eugene, me and Feng were sitting at the table waiting for our food when we were suddenly discussing about crabs. Think they were talking about the gills and I said I didn't know crabs has gills (seriously!).

Feng: You really don't know crabs got gills ah? It's under the shell where the meat is.
Eugene: *Looks at me* You do know that crab has meat at other places right?
Me: *Shakes head* I only eat the "zim" (claws)
Feng: She never has to wash the crab lah..that's why duno. Or maybe she never eat that part
Eugene: How many legs does a crab has?
Me: Err...2?
Feng: That's zim. What about other less meaty legs?
Me: Err..6?
Feng: Crab..not spider.
Me: Err....2? *Laughs*
Eugene: You really steady. Crab only got 2 legs cause you only eat that 2 legs?
Me: Wait...I need to visualise. Let me think of "No Signboard" crab
Eugene: But you only notice the zim that is moving, so still 2 right?
Me: Ya!! Haha! Crabs has 2 legs only.
Feng: *Faint*

Crabs has how many legs? Haha. Think have to ask Chillicrab. Keke. Think they have 4 legs and 2 zim. Yum yum..anyone wana eat chilli crab?

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