Friday, December 28, 2007

Thanks For Everyone's Concerns

Feng asked me to remove the previous post. He had apologized. We had laid some ground rules. This relationship is not going to be easy. Today I had a very bad headache that caused me to feel faint. Went to see doctor in the morning and she told me that I had migraine. She measured my blood pressure since I told her I seem to black out whenever I sit up. My blood pressure just passed. 80/100. After seeing doctor, Feng asked me to wait for him at kopidiam. I sat there for 15min. Apparently old habits die hard. JIN GAO TU.

Anyway he brought me home (I was incapable of walking strength to walk somemore) and guess what? He asked me to cook my own breakfast. @#$% In the end I cooked my own breakfast (he brought me a packet of instant noodles) and after I finished mine...he asked for his breakfast. Guess who did the cooking?

Anyway slept the whole day cause head really CMI. I was worried about my work. I know I have a few CARS to write. Shit. Monday confirm die. Oh yah guess what? Monday is New Year's eve. And he's working. It's either I spend it with my neighbours (BR gang) or sugar daddy. Sugar daddy, are you going to bring me go somewhere nice to countdown? LoL. FYI, my sugar daddy isn't very old. He's just a very good friend of mine.

Anyway I going play game le. Cause Feng's cousins coming over from Msia and he's bringing them around SG. And tml he's meeting them at night go out. I'm going to keep myself busy. Wana thank Kevin and James kor for screwing me upside reasons. Same same. Now you guys talk reasons to me le, it's time for you guys to talk reasons to Feng le. Must be fair.