Sunday, December 2, 2007

Movie @ HDB

I went to look for Feng last Friday at his block for a smoke before going down Grandlink for dota. He lived 2 bus stops away from me and since I was driving, I drove down to his block. I have to pass by a pavilion. Normally this pavilion is empty with no chairs or table. Sometimes secondary school students used the pavilion as a practising ground for their dance or sketch or whatever. But on Friday night, it turned into a mini cinema.

I saw a screen being put up and I saw a cartoon being shown. And what cartoon is that? A cartoon from my favourite cartoon production, Pixar lor! And it was showing the latest cartoon from Pixar, Ratatouille. LoL. Seriously I didn't know that they have movie watching once a month. And once a month, the pavilion would be turned into a cinema. The movie varies.

Feng came down and told me he needed to go 7-11 to buy newspaper. Thinking that this is a chance to catch Ratatouille again, I psycho-ed him to buy it from the minimart next to the pavilion. As he walked towards the minimart, I stayed at the pavilion to watch the cartoon. I'm still a kid. LoL.

Those who are watching will sit on the floor. I was standing way at the back. It's nice to see the kids enjoying the cartoon though.

Well, this take effort de lah. So to whoever organises the monthly movie, I salute you. You helped to bring the neighbours closer as they sit next to each other, enjoying the movie.

Feng had to drag me away from the pavilion because I was too engrossed in it. =P Nice cartoon lah. LoL. I wonder next month got what movie...maybe can drop by and take a peak. *Smiles*